“I Won’t Be Like Boakai”





Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has slammed former Vice President and opposition Unity Party Standard Bearer, Joseph N. Boakai, for his failure to bring relief to the people of Lofa County while he served as Vice President for 12 years.

VP Taylor said her predecessor did nothing as the most senior and elderly statesman from that part of the country to pave the Lofa road as the people continue to experience the terrible conditions of the road, especially during the rainy season.

“If he could not do it for 12 years while the VP and their government had all of the international support, when do you think he will do it? His people didn’t benefit from the massive development they are now benefiting from under the regime of the CDC government,” she said.

Unlike Boakai, VP Taylor maintained that the Coalition for Democratic Change government, is at the verge of commencing the asphalt pavement of roads in major towns in her native Bong County.

These roads, the Vice President noted will connect towns such as Totota, Sanoyea, Gbonota and the Phebe parking route will also be done among others.

Speaking recently in Gbarnga when she appeared on a radio show that was simulcast across the county, the VP who hails from Sanoyea said the pavement of the road has been delayed because all the necessary processes have to be met before the process starts.

“Before the pavement of such starts, it needs to satisfy all those contractual requirements, including bids from National and international road-building companies and later, awarding of said contract. To meet all these requirements, a significant amount of time is needed,” she noted.

She said all the necessary processes have now reached the concluding levels and the pavement will start in the next three months. When paved, the route will provide easy access to road users plying the route. It will also connect Bong and Gbarpolu counties easily.

Meanwhile, VP Taylor has hailed President George Weah for his government’s meaningful contributions to Bong County. Madam Taylor said under President Weah’s government, the county has seen significant improvement in almost all sectors.

She named the improvement of the Bong County Technical College, the completion of the controversial Gbenequelleh Clinic, the payment of WAEC fees for twelve graders, the electrification of Gbarnga, the expansion of the C B Dunbar Hospital, the construction of the Center Bank Regional Cash Hub, the ongoing construction of an additional high school, and the completion of the Gbarnga broad street cement pavement as monumental achievements of the county under the CDC-led government.

Though the BCTC is not at a satisfactory level, the work done by the current regime should be appreciated by all well-meaning Bongese," Madam Taylor said.

The Bong County daughter then called on all Bongese to rally their support for the reelection bid of President George M. Weah. She said that the president needs another term to complete all of the development initiatives his government has initiated across the country.africanentertainment.com Lets Sing, Promote and Believe In Peace “

President Weah Encourages Liberians

By: Julius Konton

Liberian Leader George Weah has underscored the need for the Country and its people to  promote peace.

Speaking at programs marking the Thanksgiving and intercessory prayer service in commemoration of Liberia’s 176th independence anniversary, at the Philadelphia Central Church in Congo Town,  President Weah told the gathering that it about time that all Liberians despite diverse backgrounds embrace peace , promote peace  and believe that peace is possible .

He urged the people of this Country not to allow politics to drive away unity and family ties that has existed over the period amongst them for many years ago.

Making reference to himself, he said he as a person has all reasons to appreciate God especially from where he came from to who he is today.

 “It is my bounding duty to praise God because of myself , my son and my family”, he emphasized.

According to him, his trip to Israel mainly to the holy land should not be politicized.

“I  been to israel when i played professional football, i been to Israel when i was a Senator and I went to Israel as a  President and I will go back  to Israel again but one thing,  I call on you  all to do is to help keep the peace of this Country”, he added.

Speaking about the upcoming

Elections, the Chief Executive stressed that  it is only God who can designate a leader For Liberia as such he called on other politicians to attend and support national events and or activities void of politics.

He wonder why some big members of the opposition who want to be National leaders for the Country shy away from attending key  National functions.

“When I was in the opposition, I attended all national functions even when I was criticized by members of my Party but I did that for my people , for peace and for the Love I have for  this Country but it is regrettable that others are not doing same”, he noted.

President Weah at the same time encouraged all members of the opposition to love Liberia , help promote peace and to do the right thing for the  people of this Nation.

According to him, as a patriotic and nationalistic leader, he prayed for former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when he was in the opposition, he also prayed for former Vice President Joseph Boakai including the entire citizenry of this Country and wants others to follow suit.

He maintained that despite criticism, he will remain focused and ensure that the right thing of the Country is done for his people.

” As far as I know, I am the most criticized son in Liberia , from even my parents and up till now but I am not deter as my greatest desire and goal is to work for my people and to keep their smiles alive”, he disclosed .

Speaking earlier to deliver the thanksgiving sermon,  the Presiding Bishop of the Philadelphia Central Church , Rev. Dr. George Harris added his voice to that of President Weah urging the churches of Liberia to set the example in promoting and maintaining peace in Liberia.

“Give us peace , avoid deceit and hypocrisy” he told the congregation.

According to the man of God Peace is crucial to any nation because it opens the doors for development ,joy and happiness amongst the people.

 Speaking to the national leaders, he stated that it is time that they change their ways in doing things for the Country.

“Let’s stop being narrow- minded , we need to have values to live by and not to always rely on donor support to develop our Country when we can do it ourselves”, he added.

Peace he maintained is possible and it is each and every citizen responsibility to help make it possible .

Meanwhile, the ceremony well attended by scores of government officials was characterized by special prayers for the Nation and its national leaders including beautiful songs from invited and the host church praising God for the Country and its people ahead of the official 176th independence day program.

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