“I Blessed Benjamin & Christina Marriage” – Christ Embassy Senior Pastor Clarifies In Open Court By: Yassah J Wright


In a case involving Defendant Abraham Benjamin and Christina Mamtu Singbah clashes over alleged US$100, 000 and marriage saga, the Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Church in Liberia has testified that they blessed Abraham Benjamin and Christina Singbah union as husband and wife in their church. Pastor Alfred W. Mayson, serving as subpoena witness testified that sometime in March 2018, he was approached at his home in Duport Road Soko Sakor Compound by Benjamin and Christina, where they informed him of their intension of getting married and wanted his counsel. Pastor Mayson indicated that he counseled them briefly in his sitting room and asked them to proceed because they as a church do not directly deal with traditional marriage, adding that they as pastors from the church give them their blessings to go ahead. He noted that after the counseling, they all came outside and the church media team took pictures right before his apartment. ” Your Honor Dixon, these are the photos of Abraham Benjamin holding a manila folder with his beautiful wife Christina our church media team took right before my three bedrooms apartment in Duport Road,” Christ Embassy Pastor Mayson revealed. Pastor Mayson added that pastors and members of the Christ Embassy Church attended their traditional marriage ceremony. The Christ Embassy Senior Pastor also revealed that on Sunday, which was March 18, 2018, Benjamin brought his wife Christina to the church and they told him that their wedding ceremony had been consummated and they wanted him to pray and bless them in church. “Like we normally do in church, we call the couple up in front of the congregation of more than 500 persons; we prayed and blessed them and introduced them to the church as husband and wife,” Christ Embassy Pastor Mayson stated. The Christ Embassy Senior Pastor testified that Benjamin is a member of theirs who goes to church regularly to church which his wife Christina whenever; she is in Liberia and they are publicly known to all members of Christ Embassy Church. Pastor Mayson said Benjamin is not one of the Pastors in the church, “Our standards are different, from where you come from, no matter your title, you are required by our church policy to start from the basis, even though we recognize your pastoral title from where you are coming from, but no pastoral duty or assignment are given to you until you are duly certify by the structure of our ministry so I consider him as a member.” It can be re-called that defendant Benjamin said he and Madam Singbah got married on March 17, 2018 and the wedding was blessed by the Christ Embassy Head Pastor, Pastor Alfred W.Mayson on March 18, 2018. He stated that their marriage had gone six years now and no child yet because his wife Madam Singbah is based in America. Pastor Benjamin testified that Madam Singbah and him go to the Christ Embassy church together whenever she is in Liberia. The defendant stated that they obtained their certificate of marriage from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “I have several photographs and videos including my married photos” Benjamin narrated. Pastor Benjamin said it is a diabolical lie that he entirely misapplied US$100, 000.00 sent to him by his wife through send wave, RIA, LBDI Bank and MoneyGram

He clearly explained upon his wife Singbah’s order, the Liberia National Police (LNP) kept him in jail for about two years. ” The Police took me from my house to Central Police Station, I was tortured for four hours; I was detained for eight days without food, after the Police Officer forced me to make a statement which I was not represented by a lawyer” Pastor Benjamin testifies. However, taking the witness stand, Christina Singbah denied of ever getting marry to Benjamin, as she said Pastor Benjamin is her ex-boyfriend. Madam Singbah said she send the US$100, 000.00 to Pastor Benjamin from 2018 ending up to 2019, during the COVID-19 pandemic period to carry three story building construction on her parcel of land containing two lots in Margibi County. “I was overseas when I paid for the clearing of the container that happen to be Pastor Benjamin was the one that have the original document because he was the one that received the container upon arrival,” Madam Singbah explained.

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