Ground breaking ceremony of Champion Church of Jesus Christ


Ground breaking ceremony of Champion Church of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Living Word of Jesus Christ Church International, Monday, May 13, 2024 took place in Frelela, Bong County.  Performing the ceremony, the founder and spiritual head of the church Rev. Pst. Amos P.G. Sackie furtherance of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ in all parts of Liberia, there is a compelling need to establish the house of God in Frelela, Bong County and other counties in the future.  Rev. Sackie put the initial cost from foundation to window level United States dollars nine thousand five hundred and eighty five ($9,580.00).  He reitered how reassuring and instructive survey of 2023 of the spiritual and physical needs of the people in the area suggest that generally support the establishment of a branch of the church in the area.  He disclosed that aside the spiritual needs of the people of Frelela, plains are underway to also address the educational and health needs as well and that upon the construction of the church the two others components will be address.  Rev. Sackie furthered that it is the role of the church to transform, and better the lives of people were ever they may be found.  He noted that the church of Jesus Christ most wake up and not sit as to not allow the enemy of God to triumph this changing world, but adding in all this we have a changeless God who’s hand we should not let go.  He added that the mission will be rigorous, but the church have the responsibility to stand tall, for in Christ, there is no defeat, and one should count the cost and challenges associated with it.  He revealed that the land for the construction of the church was provided by the Broword family in Frelela through it’s representative Patrick Broword.  Prayers were offered for the Broword family, the state all those that were in attendance at the program.  The Living Word of Jesus Christ Church International is not just involved in Soul winning but also in church plant evident of it’s many branches across the country.  It can be recalled during it’s convocation of ordination program of 14, April 2024 held at it’s head quarter in Dixiville, Montserrado County, Rev. Sackie charged the seventeen ordained church workers with the great commission mandate to win the lost, at all cost and plant churches which is the heart beat of God.  The Liberia Clergyman said if Liberia must move forward or stand bath spiritual and physical then the church of Jesus Christ must awake.  Meanwhile, mother Esther Kollie will supervise/spearhead activities along with other committee member till the construction work is complete.  Though the devil has shackle many that they may not win heaven but the blood of Jesus has the power to set all captives free and that what is going to happen to the glory of God when the mission is complete. The Living Word of Jesus Christ Church International is head by Prophet Amos P.G. Sackie along with Rev. Mother Rebecca Sackie, as well as other church leaders including pastors, missionaries, evangelists, prayer worriors and other support staffs and is located in Palm Farm, Dixiville, Montserrado County.

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