Former Speaker Chambers Decries 55th Legislature’s Development Projects


Former House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has shot himself in the leg by grossly misinforming the public about recent appropriation of USD$11.8M by the legislature for the implementation of legislative projects across the Country. Each of the 73 Representatives has been allotted US$100,000 for district development funds, while the (30) Senators will receive US$150,000 each amounting to the 11.8M. Ex- Speaker Chambers without proper calculation mistakenly raised the amount to USD$13.2M as published in the Wednesday, May 29, 2024, edition of Daily Observer newspaper. Recently, the Legislature comprising the Honorable House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate allotted United States Dollars $11.8M in the 2024 Budget for “Legislative Projects,” indicating massive grassroots development across the country. The leadership of the Ex- Speaker was very insensitive to the development priorities of Liberians, something that immensely contributed to his defeat in the Pleebo elections. Contrary to Chambers’ assertions, the leadership of House Speaker, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, has allotted the funds to support local development initiatives directly, marking a significant shift towards bringing government resources closer to the people in the rural parts of the Country, so that they too can feel part of the National cake. House Speaker, Fonati Koffa, played a key role in advancing such an initiative, emphasizing grassroots development and inclusive governance. Speaker Koffa’s proactive legislative initiatives have earned widespread acclaim from the public, both within Liberia and beyond. Notably, citizens residing in rural Liberia have expressed their commendations for the Speaker’s commitment to addressing pressing issues affecting their communities. Since the inception of these initiatives, Speaker Koffa has been at the forefront of legislative efforts aimed at fostering positive change and development across Liberia. His unwavering dedication to serving the interests of all Liberians, particularly those in rural areas, has resonated deeply with the public. One of the key factors contributing to Speaker Koffa’s widespread commendations is his inclusive approach to governance. By actively engaging with stakeholders at all levels of society, he has fostered a sense of unity and collaboration in the pursuit of common goals. The Liberia Agency of Community Empowerment- LACE is tasked with implementing the expected projects, with oversight responsibilities delegated to an appointed Oversight Committee, led by Deputy Speaker Thomas Fallah for the House of Representatives. The implementation process is set to proceed, including project planning, procurement, and oversight to ensure projects are completed by December 2024.

Accordingly, LACE will only construct or undertake projects in a district or county that are only designed and approved by the District Representative or Senator. The Representative or Senator in consultation with his or her constituents will discuss and approve a project, and such project will be submitted to an Oversight Committee for onward submission to the LACE who then executes the designs and implementation.

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