FLY Raises Concerns Over Alleged Voter Card Transactions By: Julius Konton


The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has expressed serious concerns over what it describes as

the distressing reports surrounding alleged voter card transactions in Nimba and Margibi Counties. According to FLY, the information they received is important, very credible and from reliable sources including eyewitnesses as such, it is key to raise the red flag and draw the attention of relevant authorities to include the National Elections Commission and the Liberia National Police. “In recent times, there have been reports of individuals actively involved in the acquisition of voter cards from young individuals in these counties and what is of even greater concern, is the alleged subsequent destruction of these cards, which compromises the democratic process and the inherent right of every citizen to partake in elections that are free and impartial”, FLY added. The matter which surrounds young people has so far claimed the attention of the mother young people body, the Federation of Liberian Youth as such, FLY through its President Banica Elliot disclosed that it will dispatch a team to the two counties due to the crucial nature of the issue. As part of practical measures to help address the issue, FLY promise to conduct an extensive on-the-ground investigation with  unwavering assurance and commitment  to uncover the truth and to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. “We earnestly implore the youth in these areas to remain vigilant and resolute in their dedication to the democratic process, urging you not to succumb to the allure of small sums of money in exchange for your valuable voter cards”, FLY added. President Elliot through the FLY’s statement reminded the young people that their voices and  votes are pivotal in shaping Liberia’s future. Stating further that while FLY’s  awaits the official announcement by the National Elections Commission, she respectfully beseeches the young people of Liberia  to demonstrate patience and maintain a peaceful disposition. “Your steadfastness and devotion to the democratic process are paramount to preserving the integrity of our elections”, FLY noted.

At the same time, FLY used the occasion to call upon the National Elections Commission to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations and ensure the sanctity of the electoral process.  Moreover, FLY appealed to the Liberia National Police to take prompt and appropriate actions against individuals found engaged in the alleged unlawful acquisition and destruction of voter cards. FLY reechoed its national duty and pledge, stressing that she is unwavering in her commitment to upholding the core tenets of democracy, transparency and accountability. “We are resolute in our endeavors to protect the rights of young Liberians and safeguard the democratic process and together, we can uphold the sanctity of our electoral system and ensure that every voice is heard,” the youth organization indicated.

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