FLY Ends Post Election Youth Peace Town Hall By: Julius Konton


The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has  marked a significant triumph with the successful implementation of the Youth Agenda Project. The move among other things was geared towards fostering peace and democratic values among Liberia’s youth. The milestone initiative generously supported by the European Partnership for Democracy and the European Union, has become a beacon for empowering the nation’s young voices. Under the leadership of President Banica Stephenie Elliott, FLY orchestrated a pivotal event in August 2023 when members of the Inter-Party Youth Council gathered in Buutuo, Nimba County to commence the implementation of such key program. In a historical move, they collectively signed the Buutuo Declaration, a solemn commitment to fostering peace and accepting electoral results. “This groundbreaking declaration does not only resonates as a testament to the dedication of Liberia’s youth to peaceful democratic processes but also lays the foundation for the forthcoming Youth Impact Meter”, The FLY’s Boss added. As part of the extensive Youth Agenda Project, FLY embarked on the hosting of  two youth peace town hall  in strategic locations: Ganta, Nimba County, and Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County respectively.  These youth peace  town hall , FLY stated  culminating in December 2023 and did serve  as vibrant platforms for inclusive dialogue. As part of the meaningful gathering youth leaders, political party members, and influential figures congregated to discuss election outcomes and to formulate recommendations aimed at enhancing future electoral experiences. The pinnacle of the year-end celebrations was marked by the successful hosting of the two youth peace town halls, affirming FLY’s commitment to empowering Liberia’s youth in shaping the nation’s political future. Additionally and as the momentum continues, FLY is gearing up for community-based engagements in Lofa and Sinoe Counties with aim at further expanding the reach and impact of the Youth Agenda Project. At the same time, FLY’s President  Elliott expressed gratitude for the support from the European Partnership for Democracy and the European Union.  “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners for their generous support in promoting peace and democracy in Liberia. Together, we are creating a foundation for sustainable youth engagement and influence,” she stated. The Youth Impact Meter, which poised to be a transformative tool, is set to measure and amplify the influence of Liberian youth in shaping the political landscape by measuring the Impact of the Government’s on young people in Liberia. As FLY prepares for community-based engagements in Lofa and Sinoe Counties, the organization looks forward to building on the success achieved in 2023, fostering a more inclusive and participatory political environment. The Federation of Liberian Youth, in collaboration with the European Partnership for Democracy and the European Union, continues to exemplify a shared commitment to nurturing an empowered and engaged youth community, laying the groundwork for a democratic Liberia where the voices of the youth will play a central role in shaping the nation’s future.

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