“False and Misleading” -Former Assistant Minister Potter Claims On Social Media By: Julius Konton


Former Assistant Minister of State, James Emmanuel Potter, has termed as false and misleading, allegation linking him to ordering the stabbing of a Liberian identified as Fedell Nelson. A social media post which is circulating and written by one Fedell Nelson, alleged that he was stabbed on the orders of former Assistant Minister Potter, but he (Potter)  described the claim as untrue and unfortunate.  According to him, following a one -day long sportsmanship between him and his friends at Ocean Drive in Fish Market area,   they later left and went  to have a refreshment around the Paynesville Town Hall  at a particular spot where he had his car packed but was later asked by the shop owner  to have his vehicle removed in order to create space for others to enter and  while in the process of removing his vehicle, unknown to him, an individual claimed to be one of Potter’s friends allegedly jumped into the victim, an owner of the area  who went to enforce the vehicle’s removal from the drive way process, but without Potter’s  knowledge or concern, fighting occurred and  led to  wounds on the victim. “I repeat, I did not give any order to stab anyone and moreover, I have and continue to remain a peaceful and law abiding citizen of this country and will not do such, the allegation is completely false and misleading, “ he maintained.  As a demonstration of being a law abiding person and due to his alleged link to the situation,  Mr. Potter said he followed the team and they went to the police station  to do an investigation relative to the matter and the police did not establish any facts or truth linking  him to ordering the stabbing of the victim as published on social media. The former Assistant Minister who regretted the situation re-emphasized that he did not stab neither order the stabbing of anyone. According to him,  the main doer of the act, following the police investigation, was arrested and placed behind bars, police investigation disclosed. He used the occasion to call on those in the business of tarnishing his hard earned reputation which he has built over the years, to desist. ” Tarnishing people’s reputation of recent has been a common tradition in Liberia and it is time that we Liberians refrain from such in order to build a Liberia where we all will be happy and proud of,” he warned. He indicated further that the wave of character assassination has the propensity to undermine the hard earned peace of Liberia and it needs to be discouraged to the core.

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