Liberians Should Never Go To War Again, No Matter What

FROM BITTER EXPERIENCES of civil war which devastated Liberia approximately 20 years ago, only peace and unity Liberians deserve.

WHILE IT REMAINS crystal clear that election divides people, such short -lived division does not require bloodshed for whatever reasons.

WE HASTEN TO call on those wishing to beat war drum to desist because by doing so would only amount to deaths and destruction of a nation and people that had suffered from the peril of political greed in the most recent past.

CERTAINLY NO AMOUNT of threats of war has space in Liberia now and in the future, no matter who feels having the might for bloodbath.

WE ALSO WISH to painstakingly remind and encourage our fellow Liberians not to support anyone wanting to throw us into the dangerous game again because bullet does not discriminate when it is released in the public space.

WE SUPPORT EXCHANGES of competing ideas related to seeking or advocating for public offices through the ballot box, nothing else.

LET’S BE COGNIZANT of the reality that public office is not apportioned to anyone person; it remains the desire and right of the governed to decide who should lead them at a particular point in time.

ON THIS NOTE, Liberians should never go to war again, no matter what.

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