CSO Council Extols Liberians For Massive Turnout and Peaceful Process


As Liberians went to the poll on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 to make the biggest national decision in the much-publicized 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, the National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL) has extolled Liberians for turning out in mass in the exercise of their democratic franchise.  In execution of Article 77(b) and 83(a) of the Liberian Constitution, eligible Liberian voters will go to the poll to on October 10 elect a President/Vice President, 73 Representatives and 15 Senators with the two former steering the affairs of the state for the next six years, and while the latter for nine years. In those elections, President Weah, standard bearer of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will contest against 19 opposition candidates for the presidency. The Council in a post-Election Day statement released Tuesday, the Council thanked Liberians for waking from their beds to peacefully turn out at the various voting precincts to exercise their democratic rights. NCSCL reminded Liberians that votes cast are the most powerful weapons they have in hand to make the necessary changes for the growth and development of their country and for the betterment of the future ahead. While being saddened over past incidents of electoral violence during the course of the two-month campaign period, the Council lauded Liberians on the average for conducting themselves peacefully at the various voting precincts and centers so as to avoid chaos.  “The 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections presented one of the most singular opportunities for Liberians to make the needed changes for growth and development and for the future of their country. Therefore, the National Civil Society Council of Liberia wants to thank Liberians for turning out in their numbers to peacefully vote on Elections Day. They didn’t sit there and let this opportunity pass, knowing that it was the only opportunity they had to decide the future for the next six to nine years,” said the Council.  “Again, the Council applauds Liberians for going at the polls peacefully by avoiding all forms of confrontation that could have derailed our well-sought-for peace, for Liberia is all that we have,” the statement furthered.  “We are super excited by the way Liberians turned out peacefully because the whole world was watching us. As Liberians, we are the first custodians of our own peace. We must therefore maintain this trench because it’s our responsibility to keep the peace.  It is our hope and prayers that Liberians will remain committed to a peaceful process through civil engagement moving forward.” At the same time, NCSCL reminded all political parties and Independent candidates participating in these elections about their commitment to the Farmington River Declaration in promoting by continuing to preach the doctrine of peace to their followers. The Council also lauded the country’s electoral management body – the National Elections Commission (NEC), for the conduct of the electoral process, especially for the main event on Elections Day; but cautioned the Commission to remain true to its commitment by continuing on the path of fair and transparent process. “The Council is pleased to thank the National Elections Commission for managing the process, especially on Elections Day; even though there were challenges along the way. As the Commission has committed to do, the National Civil Society Council is poised to religiously follow the different developments that follow poling day,” added the Council. 

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