Appointments Waste By: Julius Konton


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has nominated more people to positions in government affecting several line Ministries and Agencies. The Ministries, Agencies and nominees  named include:

Ministry of Internal Affairs  Samuel Brown, Deputy Minister for Administration, Selena Polson Mappy, Deputy Minister for Operations, Cllr. Loseni F. Bility, Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs, James K. Yolei, Assistant Minister for Operations, Mike Khailelu B. Jabateh, Assistant Minister for Urban Affairs, Brown B. Sarlee, Sr., Assistant Minister for Administration, William Jallah, Assistant Minister for Cultural Affairs At the Local Government/Ministry of Internal Affairs Whroway Bryant, Superintendent, Montserrado County

 Byron W. Zahnwea, Superintendent, Rivercess County, Alex Grant, Superintendent, Grand Gedeh County Miatta Dorley, Superintendent, Bomi County,  Alfred Zinnah, Assistant Superintendent for Development, Bomi County,  Robert Bestman, Mayor of Paynesville City, Montserrado County  Ministry Of Health Roger S.W.Y. Domah, I., Deputy Minister for Administration, Martha Morris, Assistant Minister for Administration. Liberia Immigration Services  Stephen Zargo, Commissioner General,  Elijah F. Rufus, Deputy Commissioner for Administration, A. Kundukai Jaleiba, Deputy Commissioner for Operations, Atty. Dickson R. Tamba, Deputy Commissioner for Naturalization Ministry Of Education  Amos Fulley, Deputy Minister for Instructions, James Armah Massaquoi, Deputy Minister for Administration, Jonathan S. Jackson, Assistant Minister for Fiscal Affairs & Human Resource,  Clifford Konah, Jr., Assistant Minister for Teacher Education ]Ministry Of Information, Culture & Tourism

Atty. Dogba K. Norris, Jr., Assistant Minister for Culture & Tourism Ministry Of Youth & Sports Henry Yonton, Deputy Minister for Administration,   J. Bryant Mcgill, Deputy Minister for Youth Development G. Andy Quamie, Deputy Minister for Sports, Retained, Laraamand Nyonton, Deputy Minister for Technical, Vocational Education & Training,   Valerie Williams, Assistant Minister for Administration, Kuta Gbakolay, Assistant Minister for Youth Development,  Murvee Gray, Assistant Minister for Sports,   Collins Tamba, Assistant Minister for Technical, Vocational Education & Training Ministry Of Posts & Telecommunications Jeneba Paasewe, Deputy for Operations, Sheikh Sheriff, Chief Information Officer, V. Marshall Sambola, Assistant Minister for Operations,   Moses Wright, Assistant Minister for Planning, Research Statistics & Documentation Ministry Of Transport Archibald S. Abban, Deputy Minister for Administration,   Kansualism B. Kansuah, Deputy Minister for Land & Rail Transport, James Karpu Momo, Assistant Minister for Administration &Insurance,  Zunu Kokolo Duyann, Assistant Minister for Land & Rail Ministry Of Labor: Emmanuel C.D. Gonquoi, Deputy Minister for Planning &Manpower,  Jackson F. Wolobah, Assistant Minister for Statistics, Emmanuel K. Barnes, I., Assistant Minister for Planning & Manpower Development Ministry Of State for Presidential Affairs: (44)    George T. Marshall, Jr., Assistant Minister for Special Services,  Mohammed Kromah, Assistant Minister for Human Resource,  Terrence T. C. Woods, Presidential Aide , Terry L. Quoie, Assistant Minister for Logistics Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: Cllr. Deweh Gray, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs,  Gabriel H. Salee, Deputy Minister for Administration,  Cllr. Jeddi Armah, Deputy Minister for Legal Affairs,  Dr. Ibrahim Nyei, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation & Economic Integration,  Cllr. Rosetta Nagbe Jahkollie, Assistant Minister For Legal Affairs,  Naomi Gray, Assistant Minister for International Cooperation & Economic Integration,  Leon M. Talery, Assistant Minister for European Affairs,   Daniel Koikoi, Jr., Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs,  Karishma Pelham-Raad, Assistant Minister for International Organization, Saywah Gbar, Assistant Minister of Public Affairs,    Bob H. Sheriff, Ambassador Designate Foreign Service Institute:  (64)    Reginald B. Goodridge, Director General, Foreign Service Institute Ministry Of Public Works:  Jocelia J. Tarpeh, Deputy Minister for Rural Development & Community Services,   John K. Zogar, Assistant Minister for Technical Services,  Margaret T. Sarsih, Assistant Minister for Operations,  Margaret T. Sarsih, Assistant Minister for Operations,   Sundiata Juaseii, Assistant Minister for Construction,    Isaac Vaye, Jr., Assistant Minister for Rural Road,  Abraham Rahim Bility, Assistant Minister for Program & Planning,   Albert Touklon, Assistant Minister for Community Services,  Julian Morias Johnson, Assistant Minister for Administration Ministry Of Finance:  Mrs. Sarah M. Mulbah, Assistant Minister for Budget. Liberia Telecommunications Authority Abdullah Kamara, Chairperson, Patrick Honnah, Commissioner, Clarence Kortu Massaquoi, Commissioner, Ben A. Fofana, Commissioner, Angela Bush Cassel, Commissioner.Liberia Telecommunications Corporation

 Richardson Ndorbor, Chief Executive Officer. National Insurance Company of Liberia: Nortu Jappah, Managing Director,   Abdullah Swaray, Deputy Managing Director. National Road Fund of Liberia:  Hanson S. Kiazolu, Chief Executive Officer.  Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Authority Ceebee C.D. Barshell, Deputy Director General for Administration. Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority Marilyne Logan, Director General National Port Authority  J. Luther Tarpeh, Chairman of The Board, National Port Authority,  Mohammed S. Kromah, Co-Chairman of The Board, National Port Authority Jonathan Kaipay, Manager, Port of Buchanan. Environmental Protection Agency Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey Yarkpawolo, Acting Executive Director, National Transit Authority Edmund Forh Forh, Managing Director T. Melvin Cephas, Deputy Managing Director for Administration Noah Zawu Gibson, Deputy Managing Director for Operations National Lottery Authority Ciapha Saah Gbollie, Director General Ennish Fahnbulleh, Deputy Director General for Administration Christian Cooper, Deputy Director General for Operations National Housing Authority  Florence  K. Geegbae, Managing Director Steve Saah Kolubah, Deputy Managing Director for Administration Alex W. Railey, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services Governance Commission Prof. Alaric K. Tokpa, Chairman Liberia Agency For Community Empowerment (LACE) Jefferson S. Tucker, Deputy Executive Director Civil Service Agency Josiah Joekai, Director General,  Dahnu Mianyen, Deputy Director for Administration. Liberia Airport Authority Helena M. Doe-Knuckles, Deputy Director General for Administration Liberia Refugee, Repatriation & Resettlement Commission  A.J. Armah Kanneh, Deputy Executive Director for Administration  Richard Hoff, Deputy Executive Director for Operations National Bureau of Concessions Jsb Theodore Momo, Director General  Cllr. Rachell Yabah-Duobah, Deputy Director General for Concessions National Public Health Institute of Liberia  Robell Laytee Gbeintor, Director of Public Health Research Central Agricultural Research Institute  Joseph Toumed, Deputy Director General  National Disaster Management Agency Konto D. Saygar, Deputy Director for Administration Louise K.D. Morris, Deputy Director for Operations Liberia Intellectual Property Office Garmai Koboi, Director General  Clarence Cole, Deputy Director General for Copyright

National AIDS Commission Alexander Zogbaye, Sr., Commissioner National Identification Registry  Dr. Edward Liberty, Executive Director,  Alphonso Belleh, Deputy Executive Director for Administration  General Services Agency Johnson P. Sloan, Deputy Director General for Administration,    Robert Wilson, Deputy Director General for Operations National Fire Service  Emmanuel Farr, Deputy Director For Administration, National Fire Service  Center For National Documents & Records D. Nelson Bearngar, Director General Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation Wilson Gaye, Deputy Managing Director for Administration  Eddie B. Miller, Deputy Managing Director for Finance Janice Love Bropleh, Deputy Managing Director for Sales & Marketing  Patrick Sandikie, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services Dr. Khalipha Bility, Chairman, Board of Directors Mrs. Lucinda Cole Carter, Member, Board of Directors  Mrs. Comfort Bedell Dahn, Member, Board of Directors Gabriel Flaboe, Member, Board of Directors  Jonathan Paye-Layleh, Member, Board of Directors WASH Commission:  George W. Yango, Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Paye, Commissioner Ministry of Agriculture: David K. Akoi, Deputy Minister for Planning and Development,    Antoinette F. Dukuly, Deputy Minister for Administration,   Moses R. Gbanyan, Deputy Minister for Regional Development Research and Extension, Solomon C. Hedd-Williams, Deputy Minister for Technical Services,    Edward B. Perry, Assistant Minister for Extension, Folton Blasin, Assistant Minister for Administration,  Zogbo Luther, Assistant Minister for Technical Services,

Francis F. B. Mulbah, Assistant Minister for Planning And Policy Liberia Petroleum Refining Company: Mrs. Nancy Moye, Member of the Board, Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) Meanwhile, The President has also recalled Ms. Masah Sobboh, Assistant Minister for Human Resources, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, and reappointed her as Coordinator for Special Services/Projects, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs. These nominations, where applicable, are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

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