Who Findley Supporting -Boakai or CDC?


Just days after he massively won the 2023 Senatorial Race in Liberia’s sixth populated County, Grand Bassa with over 55,000 Votes; Hon. Gbehzohngar Milton Findley has turned into a ripe Political Fruit that every side in the upcoming November 7 RUNOFF needs to balance the Diet that would ensure an unmatched Victory in the County. The discussion has surfaced in street corners, on the Radio and in major political camps, as Findley takes deep consultative reflection to make a decisive pronouncement since the Boakai and the Weah’s Teams are separately standing on their toes to eagerly embrace the Gbehzohngar’s TEAM. Findley’  Victory as Senator-elect does not make him indispensable, but his influence and obtained Votes that brought him out of his 9years-[two times] Defeat Era have landed him at the point of advantage. FINDLEY’s POSSIBLE SUPPORT To CDC-WEAH: While he and his team continue to dot their i(s) and cross their T(s), it is likely that Findley would gravitate towards his most recent Friend turned Political beefing partner – President George Manneh Weah owing to their three years of strong bond while serving as Foreign Minister and their 2020 elaborate proximity when he (Gbehzohngar) contested for the Senatorial seat against incumbent Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence. Findley was one of the first category of Ministers Appointed by the President, a Trust he enjoyed and a platform that earned him increased International acclamation and maintained his Political prestige to the extent many projected him as a possible Running-mate to President Weah for the 2023 Elections at the time. The Bassa Senator-elect, on October 10, 2023 gained the admiration and overwhelming Votes of the [Peopl-of-Bassa], the same people who gave Weah a winning command in the same Elections; thus suggesting the possibility of Findley following similarly route. But there could be some hindering factors that would placed him in an indecisive and tough position; some of which include the rumor that pointed accusing fingers to President Weah of allegedly instructing Chiefs and Elders to open political fire-arm on his Ex-Foreign Minister since he was not “contesting of the CDC ticket and was also fighting his government directly on the Arcelor Mittal’s Phase two Operations.” Though that allegation regarding Weah  “plotting” against Findley had no substantive evidence, but it was used as a propaganda in the just climaxed October Elections by Gbehzohngar’s TEAM, a bad-blood that transcended to political rift. Additionally, the belief harbored by Gbehzohngar’s supporters that “Hon. Vincent Willie, Hon. Janjay Baikpeh and the CDC fought their Political Leader” could place a blockage, if there were to be any reconciliation. Even though in the absence of the former Foreign Minister, a coordinated TEAM including Representative Vincent Willie, Ex-Superintendent Janjay  Baikpeh, Port Manager Civicus Bar-Seegiah, Emmanuel Sherman, Gabriel Montgomery and others pulled the Votes trigger in the County for the win in the October 10, 2023 Elections. Though it remains unclear which way Findley will spread his bed, but what is certain is the reality that his decision will not run contrary to the majority of the citizens’ view in the RUNOFF. FINDLEY’s SUPPORT To UP-BOAKAI: The outstanding working relationship between Findley and Boakai at the Liberian Senate throughout the nine years [2006-2014], especially from (2012-2014) when Gbehzohngar was Pro-tempt and Joseph Boakai as President of the Senate [Vice President of Liberia]; may play out for the Rescue Mission in the selection venture of the Senator-elect. The both Leaders shared indivisible memories while working along with Ex-President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf throughout her two Terms, a period political Legacy recorded with so much appraisable virtues. Such inseparable Bond was being evidentially glaring when the former Pro-tempt was projected as possible Running-mate to Boakai for the 2017 Elections, though Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other Unity Party Executives’ frantic efforts did not accomplish said Goal. The former Vice President’ decision to have chosen Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay at the disadvantage of Findley automatically broke the Camel’s back; an emotional displeasure that paved corridors for Gbehzohngar to have rallied Grand Bassa for an unprecedented vote outcome in favor of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2017. Since that episode, there exists no account wherein a Boakai-Findley collable had been heard nor seen for the past almost six years. Also, were there to be any Reconciliatory pathway, the past fight of the Liberty Party led by Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine [Deceased] and Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence from 2014 to 2020 against the Senator-elect Findley could  break the bridge that may have closed the gap and similarly heal the wounds. Though the friendship of imprint between Findley and Nyonblee from the 90’s to 2013 could swiftly create room for retrospective reconsideration as the intervention of Representative-elect Alfred Flomo, Gbarpolu County Senator-elect Amara Konneh and other stakeholders will encourage Findley to wear a Rescue garment. Meanwhile, a Findley -Nyonblee combination heavily supported by Julia Bono, Julia Duncan Cassell, Levi Demmah and rallied Candidates and Representatives-elect could possibly overturn the Result of the First Round and deliver Bassa-to-Boakai for a RUNOFF Victory. BY: Onesimus Garway/Ablee-Jay TV

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