Lawsuit Hangs Over ALCOP, CDC


A local businessman in Monrovia has threatened to file a lawsuit against two parties in the just ended general and presidential elections in the country. Mr. Kai Fomba Sesay said his planned action is in response to an attack on his company premises in Gardnerville by supporters of the All Liberian Coalition Party ALCOP and the Coalition for Democratic Change CDC, leading to massive destruction of properties. He emphasized that close to fifty used cars were damaged or parts removed in the incident which shocked the entire business community in the country. The car dealer noted that he holds the leadership of the two parties liable for the damages suffered by his company and want compensation from them. The businessman disclosed that a formal complaint has been forwarded to police paving the way for a lawsuit which will take place as soon as his lawyer has concluded the indictment. He expressed the hope that the legal action will serve as a deterrent to political leaders who stand by and watch their supporters destroy innocent people’s properties during a political process. He stressed that the damage was not going to take place had the two leaders were sincere enough to warn their supporters ahead against violence and wanton destructions of private properties The car dealer called on the business community in Liberia to stand by him in the fight against impunity for those who carrying out destruction of business entities during election under the canopy of election violence.  He noted further that election violence is a criminal offense and that those involved must be punished in keeping with the law It could be recalled that  on Monday, October 9, 2023 supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change clashed with the opposition All Liberia Coalition Party on the Japanese Highway leading to massive destruction of properties within the vicinity. Hundreds of people ran helter-skelter as the two opposing parties throw stones at each other in one of the worst election violence ever reported in national election. Police say it is investigating the incident.

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