Weah Proves Us Wrong, Made The Impossible Possible… -Say Senator Snowe By: Julius Konton


” I was amongst the doubting Thomas’s and i told the people of Bomi County and Liberians in general that President George Weah will not make a good President but five years later, he has proven us wrong”, Bomi County Senator narrated .

Senator Snowe was a ranking member of the opposition Unity Party , the former ruling establishment that  ran the affairs of the Country for twelve years.

Unlike others, Senator Snowe stated that he will not continue to remain in denial when in fact  the reality is clear that President Weah has done well for the people of Bomi and the Country in general under his first years mandate.

According to him, it is only fair to admit and acknowledge the tangible reality of the Weah’s led government and give him his second six years mandate .

“I am certain that President Weah will do more than what he did in his first six years”, the Bomi Lawmaker told his people.

Speaking at a well-attended political rally in Tubmanburg City, Mr. Snowe warned politicians against scapegoating especially when they are defeated, “Its only fair to be truthful”, he emphasized.

The political mistakes he said he made in 2017 has to be corrected in 2023 and that is why he disclosed that he pledged to stand with the CDC’s standard bearer and called on all those who believe in him and want to see a new Liberia to join him (Senator -Snowe) to  give President Weah a one  round victory on October 10, 2023.

The Bomi County Senator used the occasion to dispel rumor in 2020 elections that President Weah then played double standard.

Explaining further he stated that despite being friends for over thirty years , the President even though did not support him but also did not play double standard but rather as part of party disciple supported his Party’s candidate to the core.

“He told me to back off but I told him that it was my political future and we both went separates  ways  so it pains me when people say that the President played double standard, that is false and far from the reality”, he further clarified .

Snowe providing more information on the issue stressed that President Weah give him rice, electricity and other things to bring to the people of Bomi as President of Liberia  but not for he  Senator Snowe as means of supporting him.

“In fact, the President did not speak to me after I took my political future stands and I have the text message in my phone today, President Weah is not a man who can play double standard”, he blasted opposition saying it is a weak and lazy political argument.

He used the occasion to appreciate the Liberian leader for doing well for Bomi  County and the people of Liberia in general.

“Do we want more yes and that is why I am supporting you because I am convinced and convicted  that you can do even more in your second term”, he added.

“Before 2020, Bomi people were in darkness but under President Weah’s watch, the people of Bomi are enjoying stable electricity, selling ice and cold water and life is getting better “, he noted.

He at the same time lauded the efforts of both the Vice President of Liberia Jewel Howard Taylor and first Lady, Clar Weah for their interventions in empowering women and youths in the County through education, skills training and agriculture programs  as well as other capacity development initiatives .

The Bomi County Senator said he is hopeful that President Weah will develop the Bomi Highway in his second term including transforming the CH Dehwehn Boy headed football field to a modern sporting facility soon.

According to him, President Weah is one of the few Presidents of recent who has been working to impact the fifteen political subdivisions of the Country at the same time.

As for unity unlike before, Snowe disclosed that the members of the legislative caucus of Bomi are working together in one accord.

Speaking further he hailed President Weah for living up to his promise of not employing his family members in government even if they are qualified something he stated is a representation of a true leader who loves and cares for his people.

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