“We Need To Develop Sports From Finding Other Sources”, Minister Wilson Said By: Julius Konton


Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson has underscore the need to have a paradigm shift in order to improve the sector. Speaking to our reporter on Thursday November 9, 2023 Minister Wilson said one of the best ways to develop the sector is to find other sources of generating funding. He narrated that if  five or ten cents of the already 25 cents tax on alcohol and cigarettes can be given to Sports development, with over a period of time  said amount will grow and it will help to improve the sector. “There are lots of ways to develop Sports, for example through concession agreements and in fact, J. Bryant McGill has comprehensively put together an entire package on how to develop sports in Liberia but to be frank and if we rely on the government envelop alone, we will be in this for a very long time”, Minister Wilson further explained.  According to him, the National budget envelope can’t help develop the sector due to other competiting priorities.

He stated that it is time that they think out of the box and ensure that there is a paradigm shift to help develop the sector. The Youth and Sports boss stressed that there are lots the Country can do and benefit from through sports but was also quick to emphasize that such can’t be achieved only through budgetary appropriation.” I was an assistant Minister  for five years at the Ministrry of Youth and Sports, the problems were there, I played the game and also saw the same problem and now that I am Minister proper, the same age old problem is still here, so it tells you that , this problem is not unique to this government but we need to work together to change it” , he added. At the same time, Minister Wilson has disclosed the approval of 200.000usd from the government to support the national Team ahead of the Lone Star’s back to back world cup qualifiers at home.  Minister Wilson who used the ocassion to challenge the players to redeem themselves following their poor form also encourage Liberians to join in motivating the team to do more. Judging from past records, Minister Wilson is certain that the National team can collect all six points at home from both Equatorial Guinea and Malawi and get into the driver’s seat. Liberians he said are  desperate for a win and he is hoping that the team especially the players can regain that smile on the faces of the people mainly following the end of the elections. “The must anticipated victory will help reunite the people and give them renew hope after the election”, he added.

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