“Vote Development Over Tribalism” – Weah Cautions Lofians By: Julius Konton


President George Weah has hit hard the ground of the strong hold of the main opposition, Unity Party in Lofa County on Monday, September 25, 2023. To the disbelief of others, tons of Lofians came out in their mass to welcome the Coalition for Democratic Change political leader Weah and his campaign team to Northern Liberia. Branded all blue, citizens of Lofa from Salayea and Zorozor Districts danced and chanted political slogans all in support of the reelection of President Weah. Speaking in Zorzor City, the CDC standard bearer cautioned Lofians to vote development over tribalism. According to him, Liberia is for all Liberians despite geographical locations and it is very important for the people of Lofa to prioritize lasting development of their county over tribal or county line. “I am from Grand Kru County but I am fixing Lofa road and I am doing this because I believe in the development of my country and its people,” he added. President Weah at the same time assured Lofians that he will continue with the ongoing developments of Lofa County and the country at large; as such, he rallied their support for his reelection bid in order to complete his developmental initiatives across Liberia.

At the same time, President Weah described the opposition rescue team as resting time. According to him, the former ruling Unity party did nothing in twelve years; as such, they are resting team and should remain resting after his next six years in government. “This is your time and the moment, seize it,” the Liberian leader told the young people of Salayea in Lofa County.

He encouraged Liberians to reelect him so he can continue development across Liberia.

The CDC flag bearer urged Lofains to support Moses kollie’s senatorial bid in order to continue development for them. He bragged that he is a talk and do President and he will change Liberia and is committed to it . “This generation can’t be like ours and I have a great plan for Liberia,” he noted. The Chief Executive expressed confidence in the Liberian people that these elections will be won by the CDC through them. “We have passion for everything we do; we are working people and will do more for you if reelected,” he further assured. In a brief statement, the CDC senatorial candidate in Lofa County, Moses Kollie, stressed that the people of Lofa have now seen the light of development and will support those who believe in development.  ” This is not about county meet where if you are from a specific county you must support it but this time around,  we are in for total development, ” he added. He hailed President Weah for the development of their roads and the ongoing road construction across Liberia.

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