UNIFYING HIS PEOPLE . . . -Rep. Dahn Organizes Sports Tournament By: Julius Konton


Using Sports as one of the most effective tools to promote peace and unity among the people, Montserrado County District seven Representative Emmanuel Dahn has expressed excitement over the manner and form in which the ongoing Tournament is being held. With Unification as key for the second edition of the sporting festivity, Representative Dahn said the ongoing tournament is in fulfillment of one of his campaign promises to his people.  According to him and unlike before, constituents of his District following the elections are now working together and are embracing each other for the betterment of the District. “I am happy that my people can come together, joke, share  fun and show some love and this is very good for the forward march of our district,” he told reporters during an interview with him. The Tournament he stressed is also being used to showcase new talents and to identify the best of the best ahead of the National District League. “So far, I have seen lots of talents and I am so impressed and I hope the technicians will do their best to select the very best from among the rest”, he re-emphasized.  The Tournament which is featuring two major categories, football and kickball respectively is organized and fully funded by the office of Montserrado County District seven lawmaker. In a brief interview with some of the residents of the District, they praised their lawmaker for organizing and sponsoring such important sporting Tournament.  According to some of them, the tournament has now helped to further unite them thereby putting behind them the bitter political past and to ensure that they work together collectively for one key objective, the District.  “We are now looking at the bigger picture which is our district and with the united spirit we are seeing, District seven under the Legislative leadership of Representative Emmanuel Dahn is moving forward “, they re-emphasized. The Unification Tournament second of its kind has introduced the Kickball component with about twenty three participating communities in total across the District. So far, there have been dozens of brilliant displays from the hundreds of players while the cheers and excitements from the fans and residents have been massive and overwhelming, Representative Dahn told scores of Reporters. “I am always associated with victories and with the performances i have seen in the Unification Tournament, I am of the conviction that the district will win this year’s District League “, he added. The Chairman on  Executive at the House of Representatives at the same time indicated that the committee of this year’s  edition introduced new features to add more flavor into the Tournament.  He named some of them as Kickball, live television and radio broadcast coverages, entertainment and culture activities mainly by the people among others. As the Tournament advances to the crucial stage, there are attractive cash prices to be won for first and second winners in the two categories including individual awards respectively. In kickball, the prime winner or champions will pocket $150,000LRD while the second place will collect $100,000LRD respectively. In Football, the champions will walk away with an attractive cash price of $250,000LRD while the runners up will collect $150,000LRD respectively.  Meanwhile, the tournament fully sponsored by the office of Representative Dahn printed and  distributed free jerseys to all of the participating teams both football and Kickball, including free entries at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium as well as modern referees’ gadgets and communication set  to enhance their work. At the same time, a local VAR system was also introduced and used for the first time in the tournament and the Country respectively.  However, the VAR system was later on cut off due to other unspecified reasons. The Unification Tournament is expected to end on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

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