In Moore Town: Possible Zombie Drug Death


In a tragic turn of events, Moore Town was shaken by the death of a man who reportedly consumed ‘ zombie Drug’. The incident occurred on Monday, June 17, 2024, when the man, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly consumed the zombie in the Karduah Community and made his way to Moore Town where he died. Eyewitnesses recount that the man entered a local establishment and took a seat, only to tragically pass away in his sleep soon after. The exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, but it is believed to be connected to the zombie drug he had taken prior to his visit. Authorities were alerted, and the body, discovered by local marketers, was removed by 3 pm on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. The incident has left residents of Moore Town deeply unsettled, with many speculating about the potential link between the man’s demise and the zombie he introduced into their community. Investigations into the peculiar sequence of events are ongoing, as officials work to determine the actual cause of death and the origin of the zombie involved. The community of Moore Town mourns the loss and awaits further information regarding this tragic occurrence. Courtesy: Ablee-Jay TV

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