Two Gov’t Officials Linked To Bigamy …Victim Writes Pres. Boakai

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Sajo Juwara, a Gambian diplomat with ties to Senegal but based in France, has cataloged her ordeal to President Joseph Boakai and First Lady Katumu Boakai whom she considers “First Family of the Nation,” over mistreatment by two officials of the Unity Party (UP)-led government, namely Macdella Cooper, Political Advisor to the President and Alioune Kebe, Youth and Sports Ambassador to the President. Madam Juwara claims to be the legitimate wife of Mr. Kebe spanning over nine years and Macdella being her best friend of 18 years but surreptitiously got married to Mr. Kebe without him legally divorcing (Bigamy). This matter, according to her, saw the Paris Judicial Court ruled against Mr. Kebe for family abandonment, as on March 1, 2022, he was then ordered to pay alimony but fled and has been hanging along with Macdella around the world.  “These two senior members of your government’s open involvement in bigamy and appointment as husband and wife, coupled with your decades of public experience as well as your role as a Deacon in the Baptist Church would not be in accordance with your family values I surmise,” she said in her letter addressed to the First Family.  Madam Juwara lamented that she had brought this matter to hundreds of people in the Boakai’s administration and is now left with no alternative but to report the matter to the press. With such hanging over Madam Cooper and Amb. Kebe and plans to sue both individuals in the United States and Senegal where he hails from, the fate of the two to woo investors or sanctity to the Boakai’s administration remains in sketchy.

Sadly, Madam Juwara continues: “My husband and I have been married for over 9 years, since May 8, 2015 and we have an eight-year- old son. The latter asks me every time the opportunity arises where his father is, leaving me speechless.” Macdella and Alioune till date are yet to respond to media inquiries as some quarters report that Macdella has stated of knowing Sajo from nowhere, a woman with several photos of them both hanging out in Liberia and abroad and whom she visited as a friend of 18 years. When further contacted via cellular phone, the accused Madam Cooper told our reporter that she was in a meeting and so could not speak on the matter.  How President Boakai of over fifty years of marriage sees this matter and addresses it is anyone’s guess but this remains a major scandal of the Boakai’s administration that will go down in history.  Sajo, her husband Alioune Kebe & their little baby

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