‘Trooping Endorsements For Weah Signal Clear Victory’ – Press Secretary Asserts By: Julius Konton


The wave of political endorsements now appears to be a major factor in the crucial November 14, 2023 Presidential Runoff Election. Following the end of the October 10, 2023 polls, the two major contenders, Ruling Presidential candidate George Weah and main opposition presidential candidate Joseph Boakai as highly anticipated by political analysts are now rallying their supporters to complete the political process on November 14, 2023. Having won the popular votes in the just ended elections, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change looks set and comfortable enough to go to the runoff with a step ahead of the main opposition, Unity Party. As the campaign takes a  different approach unlike before, the Coalition for Democratic Change has so far received tons of endorsements from key political parties and prominent sons and daughters of the Country both home and in the diaspora.  Presidential Press Secretary, Isaac Solo Kelgbeh, said the overwhelming and honest endorsements by the people are clear victory signs for the CDC. “The people continue to endorse President George Weah’s second term bid because of his tangible works done for them over the period, Mr. Kelgbeh reiterated. He named the endorsements by AlCOL, Coalition of candidates from the five electoral districts in Grand Bassa Country, Boakai Think Tank, The ALP, Senator-elect of Grand Bassa , Gbenzohngar M.Findley,  Muslims women of Liberia, an influential daughter of Nimba and former Superintendent, Edith Gongloe Weh among many others as huge messages already send to the opposition that a massive victory for the ruling Party is certain and remains unchanged by the grateful people of Liberia. President Weah, the Press Secretary stated is a peace ambassador, a change maker and a promise keeper and will do all in his second term to transform Liberia for the better. The opposition, he stressed, is very weak, has no tangibles neither debate as such, they have already defeated themselves before the main political race. “The CDC is unmatched and the people are aware and will all make a wise decision comes November 14, 2023 in order for the Development hero to continue his good work for them”, he re-emphasized. The CDC Flag Bearer, Solo indicated, is a true leader for all Liberians despite geographical locations, tribal or religious lines and will work to ensure that each and every Liberian from the fifteen political subdivisions of the Country feels the tangible impact of his leadership for the next six years to come. He, at the same time, encouraged the voting populace to turn out in their mass on November 14, 2023 and vote properly for the sake of Liberia with one focus of reelecting the talk and do leader, George Weah who will work to accelerate developments and positive changes at all levels for them. Speaking about experience, he noted that President Weah is the most experienced man for the job haven served as President of the Country for five and a half years unlike his contender, Joseph Boakai. “We need a leader like President Weah who is there and has been there making the case for his people on the global stage and will continue to do so in the coming years”,Solo noted. The CDC standard bearer, Mr. Kelgbeh said has great passion in developing Liberia as well as improving the living conditions of his people and is committed to his goal of maintaining the smiles on the faces of them.  He at the same time hail the new supporters of the ruling Party for their overwhelming endorsements and assured them that President Weah will not let them down especially with the confidence they reposed in him to serve them. Solo was also quick to dispel rumors that the main focus of the  multiple of endorsements for President Weah’s reelection bid by some opposition folks  were in exchange of jobs after the election. However, he stated that the people were moved to have endorsed the CDC Standard Bearer due his developmental works done over the period which have impacted them and they are convinced and convicted that he can do even more once giving the second chance unlike his contender who he alleged has no history of such. Meanwhile, the opposition Unity Party has also received hand full of endorsements however, Mr. Kelgbeh brags that the ruling Party’s endorsements supercedes that of the Unity Party.  Making reference to former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Cllr. KabinehJa’neh, Mr. Kelgbeh wonders how can a partisan of  the same Party  endorsed his own party, adding that it is laughable and a big political joke. He spoke to our reporter during a media update ahead of the official campaign activities of the CDC.

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