SSF Sub -Contractors Demand Payment


The Sub-Contractors associated with the SSF Road Construction Company have staged a roadblock along the Robertsport- Monrovia Highway, demanding proper payment for the work they had done over the past months.

“It is unfair to be treated badly by the county authority and other government officials, for not living out to their commitments,” they expressed their grievances.


One of the sub-sub-contractors associated with the SSF  emphasized the urgent need for their salaries to be settled.

They argued that the SSF Company lockdown justified fair payment for their work.

However, their choice to take to the roadblock as a form of protest was met with disapproval from Mr. T Motion Pussah, the Youth Chair of Tombey Chiefdom in the Commonwealth District.

Mr. Pussah condemned the actions of the sub-contractors and expressed shock at the situation. While he recognized their right to receive payment, he asserted that a roadblock was not the most effective way to address their concerns.

As the youth chair of the Chiefdom of Tombey, he called on the local county authorities to intervene and find a resolution to the issue while diffusing the tensions caused by the roadblock.

It is worth noting that Mr. Pussah was not initially aware of the SSF lockdown, highlighting the importance of transparency and effective communication among all parties involved.

By:  Clarence Barjibo/

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