SRC Workers Shelter In Shabby Structures


“Many of the structures in the camps of the company have become death traps for the struggling inhabitants, who also decry bad labor practices by the management, spanning over three years now without remedy. According to the workers, dilapidated houses built with sticks and mud that have existed for years are almost falling on their occupants. The Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) has about nine concession camps, five of which are almost uninhabitable because of their current condition. Workers have deserted Camps 8 and 9, with the company paying no attention to rehabilitating them despite still using them. According to our investigation, the residents, after crying for so long to management to improve conditions of the camps (8 &9), brought in the country devil or bush master to compel the SR Management to develop the place to a standard that meets human dignity, but the management has since played deaf ears. The aggrieved workers had to relocate to other camps, thinking the situation could have changed. Up to the present, workers and other people living in towns and villages around the plantation describe the two camps as ghost camps. Also, in SRC Camps 1, 2, and 3, where workers currently live, conditions are appalling, to the dismay of locals. Some residents remark that the people producing millions of dollars for the company daily do not deserve to shelter where they live.” Source: Lib Latest News231

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