Speaker Koffa Appoints 3 Key Statutory Committees’ Members


House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has announced the appointment of distinguished members to three crucial statutory committees, highlighting the commitment to effective governance and legislative excellence. The newly appointed chairs and co-chairs will play pivotal roles in shaping the policies and decisions within their respective committees. Rules & Order Committee:

  • Chair: Hon. Marvin Cole
  • Co-Chair: Hon. Abu Kamara


The Rules & Order Committee, under the able leadership of Hon. Marvin Cole as Chair and Hon. Abu Kamara as Co-Chair, will be instrumental in ensuring the orderly conduct of legislative proceedings. Their wealth of experience and dedication to upholding parliamentary procedures will contribute to a transparent and efficient legislative process. Foreign Affairs Committee:


  • Chair: Hon. Taa Z. Wongbe
  • Co-Chair: Hon. Richard Nagbe Koon

The Foreign Affairs Committee, led by Hon. TaaWongbe as Chair and Hon. Richard Nagbe Koon as Co-Chair, will oversee matters of international relations and diplomacy. Their expertise will be vital in navigating global issues and fostering positive relationships with other nations, advancing the interests of Liberia. Executive Committee:


  • Chair: Hon. Emmanuel Dahn
  • Co-Chair: Hon. Samuel Enders

Under the guidance of Hon. Emmanuel Dahn as Chair and Hon. Samuel Enders as Co-Chair, the Executive Committee will focus on matters related to the executive branch and government administration. Their leadership will contribute to the effective functioning of the government and the implementation of key policies. Speaker Koffa expressed confidence in the appointed members, stating, “I am confident that these distinguished individuals will bring their unique skills and perspectives to their respective committees, contributing to the overall success of our legislative agenda. Together, we will work towards building a stronger and more prosperous Liberia.” These appointments mark a significant step forward in the House’s commitment to fostering collaboration, transparency, and excellence in legislative affairs.

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