Rep. Kolubah Faces Increased Criticisms – For Giving Boakai Ultimatum On LD$10M Donation


A former student leader is one of the latest persons to criticize the controversial Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah continues on his recent seven-day ultimatum to President-elect, Joseph Nyumah Boakai to disclose the source of the 10 million Liberian dollars and 200 bags of rice given to victims of the tanker explosion in Totota, Bong County. A former student leader Mrs. Edeena Module Yoke has joined many supporters of the Unity Party and other Liberians in condemning such a statement coming from honorable Kolubah, who throughout the six-year reign of outgoing President George Weah launched similar tirade. But that was punctuated by raining insults, something the main opposition UP stalwarts watched and listened in glee, many political observers say. Speaking to journalists in Paynesville recently, Madam Yoke called on Rep. Kolubah to change his method of approach in addressing critical National issues in the Country. Madam Yoke wants Representative Kolubah to always come with facts when addressing citizens about happening in government and other National concerns Mrs. Yoke is at the same challenging Representative Kolubah and Liberians ask Ambassador Boakai to declare his assets and not to demand an explanation of where he got his money since he is living on loan as claimed. Earlier, former Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Abel Nyumah Plackie noted that Mr. Kolubah has begun speaking loosely without facts but said Yekeh needs water baptism nothing that his action is a complete showmanship. Rep. Kolubah demanded that if the President-elect doesn’t disclose the source of the money, he will inform the Liberian people of the source of the money.


But the former female student leader, Edeena Module Yoke maintained that it is not the Liberian business how Ambassador Boakai raises the money as an individual power noting that Ambassador Boakai has not taken an oath yet to be fully accountable for what he does as an individual or President. Mrs. Yoke wants the Liberian people to wait until the president-elect can declare his assets and be accountable for every action he takes as a leader. She maintained that it was not the time for such comment or statement but urged Representative Kolubah to wait until the President-elects inducted into office. According to her, such an early statement from a respected and well-followed lawmaker, if continued will make him unpopular as a result of the Love and respect the Liberian people have for Ambassador Boakai. By Alfred Kollie/

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