Rep. Benson Introduces National Tourism Authority


 In a bid to revitalize Liberia’s tourism sector, Representative Bernard Blue Benson Jr. of Montserrado County District #17 has submitted a groundbreaking proposal to the House of Representatives. The proposed bill seeks to establish the Liberia National Tourism Authority, aiming to replace the existing Departments of Tourism and Cultural Affairs while amending the Public Authorities Law, Title 30 of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised. Representative Benson highlighted that the establishment of the Liberia National Tourism Authority Act of 2024 is a pivotal step towards harnessing Liberia’s rich cultural and natural heritage to attract visitors from both domestic and international spheres. The envisioned authority is poised to stimulate economic growth, preserve cultural identity, and foster national development. “The creation of the Liberia National Tourism Authority is aimed at centralizing efforts to enhance Liberia’s image as a tourist destination, facilitate investment in the tourism sector, regulate tourism-related activities, and ensure the sustainable management of tourism resources,” stated Representative Benson. Moreover, the proposed Act outlines the structure, functions, powers, and financial provisions of the Authority, along with transitional arrangements for existing employees and the repeal of inconsistent laws. Representative Benson emphasized that the overarching goal of the Act is to promote the growth and sustainability of Liberia’s tourism industry, benefiting the economy, society, and environment alike. As the Chairman of Information Broadcasting, Culture, and Tourism, Representative Benson urges prompt consideration for the passage of this bill into law, underscoring its potential to promote, develop, and regulate the tourism sector within Liberia.

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