At AnnualYouth General Meeting In Madagascar: Dennis Kromah Represents Liberia By: Julius Konton


In a pivotal gathering of minds and advocacy, Dennis Kromah, a stalwart in the realm of gender equality and youth empowerment, recently took the stage as the representative of MenEngage Liberia Youth Chair and a member of the MenEngage Africa Steering Committee. The highly anticipated Annual General Meeting, which served as a platform for discussing pressing issues, and policies, and shaping the future trajectory of gender equality initiatives in Africa. The event, which started from April 22-23, 2024 was concluded, with a call on maintaining policies and regulations for all countries youth network and brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from grassroots activists to policymakers, all united under the common banner of advancing gender equality and challenging harmful norms and practices. Kromah’s presence at the meeting symbolized the crucial role that youth play in driving change and fostering inclusive dialogue within the realm of gender equality.  As the Youth Chair of MenEngage Liberia, he brings a unique perspective that reflects the aspirations and concerns of young people on the front lines of gender advocacy. During his representation, Kromah emphasized the importance of amplifying youth voices and engaging them as equal partners in the pursuit of gender justice.  He articulated a vision of empowerment that recognizes the agency and leadership potential of young people, urging stakeholders to invest in initiatives that harness the power of youth activism. Furthermore, Kromah’s involvement in the MenEngage Africa Steering Committee underscores his commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy across regional boundaries.  By serving as a bridge between local initiatives and broader continental strategies, he embodies the spirit of solidarity that is essential for driving meaningful change on a global scale. The Annual General Meeting provided a platform for participants to exchange insights, share best practices, and forge alliances that will shape the future of gender equality efforts. Through workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions, attendees explored innovative approaches to addressing systemic challenges and advancing the rights of marginalized communities. As the meeting drew to a close, the resounding message echoed by Kromah and his fellow advocates was one of optimism and determination.  Despite the formidable obstacles that lie ahead, there was a palpable sense of solidarity and purpose among participants, fueled by the belief that a more just and equitable world is within reach. Looking ahead, Kromah and his colleagues are poised to leverage the momentum generated by the Annual General Meeting to drive concrete action and effect tangible change in their respective communities. Armed with a shared vision and a steadfast commitment to equality, they stand ready to confront the challenges of the future with courage and conviction. In the grand tapestry of the global struggle for gender equality, Dennis Kromah’s representation at the Annual General Meeting serves as a vibrant thread, weaving together the diverse voices and perspectives that will ultimately shape a more just and inclusive world for all.

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