PSU Officer Appeals -For Beating Motorcyclist Securities

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A man claimed to be a PSU officer identified as Joseph Hinneh, has appealed to hundreds of cyclists in Pleebo City, Maryland County for wrongly beating on two of their securities for issuing Union’s ticket.  Officer Hinneh who claimed to have come from Grand Kru County, was captured on his knees begging the cyclists to pardon him for his wrong doing. According to the victims, Ezekiel and Lawrence Ruben, the motorcyclists security district commander and district IG said, their beating came after issuing union ticket to a bike rider from Grand Kru County in the absence of this PSU officer. “When we saw this bike parking along the big market board, we went there to acquire where this bike came from. So when we got there, we met only the rider of this bike, the officer wasn’t on the scene. Then we asked the rider, where are you from? he said from Grand Kru, do you have ID Card, he said no, can you provide document of this bike, then he said let my boss man come first. so why in the process, we issued him a ticket. After that, he placed a call to this officer. Immediately the officer arrived on the scene, the first thing he said was, what’s going on here? who told yor to put ticket on my bike, you na know say I officer ehn, that is how he started beating us, slapping all in our ears, kicking us with his boot. Before our friends dem come, then he ran to the LNP Pleebo Depot. That is how we went there in number,” they explained.  They added that when they got at the police depot with their colleagues, they demanded that this officer in question should come out, but Col. JMax Roberts, Police Commander and other officers put the situation under control.  Meanwhile, the case was investigated and Officer  Hinneh was found guilty and  asked to treat the victims, and he did that under the command of Commander J. Max Roberts.  He admitted that he’s hundred percent found guilty for beating on the two cyclists security at the Pleebo General Market Board during an investigation at the LNP Pleebo Detachment.

The police investigation revealed that officer Hinneh intentionally beat on the two securities without justifiable reasons, something which he provided all necessary medications needed for the victims.  This situation occurred on Monday, June 3, 2024. By: Emmanuel Tarpeh Quiah  /Lib Latest News231


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