Peace Is Expensive, We Must Maintain It


RESIDENTS OF CAPITOL Bye-Pass became eyewitnesses to shootings in the air on Monday night, December 5, 2022, which cause was attributed to   Liberia’s former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lewis Brown presence in the studio of Voice of Liberia.

ACCORDINGLY, MR. BROWN had gone to the FM Radio Station which is situated on the Bye-Pass  to showcase what he has planned to do in laying an agenda for a ‘protest’ against the hardship Liberians are enduring under the George Mannah Weah-led administration.

THE SHOOTINGS IN the air by state security were meant to disperse a crowd of young people assembled around the radio station to listen and perhaps applaud what former Ambassador Brown would say to the public.

PRIOR TO THE Monday night’s incident, Ambassador Brown had been quoted in the media as planning to organize a protest in the so-called interest of the suffering Liberian masses against the current regime.

WHILE WE CANNOT denounce protest and assemblage of peaceful citizens to express or demonstrate their rights of free speech and movement under Article 15 of the Liberian Constitution, any act that may tend to cause insecurity at the detriment of the citizenry has to be thoroughly monitored to avoid chaos.

For Us, The time is crucial and critical for every Liberian to be very careful in protecting the peace we all enjoy now, especially when elections to ensure a second transition through the ballot box is just an inch away.

WHILE WE ALL are aware of the mounting hardship in Liberia which is really not unique to our country along, coupled with a high level of inimical acts being carried out by some of our state actors in government, it cannot be overemphasized that violence or chaos that may come from our politicians will do us no good.

ON THIS NOTE, we call on all peace-loving Liberians to continue to maintain the peace, even in difficult times while searching for a common ground in solving our national problems.



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