The President emphatically urged his political appointees to proactively disclose their assets, foreseeing the inevitable demand for accountability on the horizon. Non-disclosure carried the implicit assumption of possessing minimal assets, and any newfound significant holdings would be subjected to a rigorous scrutiny test. Departing officials are not merely urged but are bound by a legal obligation to unveil their assets, a pivotal step in fostering transparency and combatting the illicit accumulation of wealth—a benchmark firmly ingrained in Liberian law. Former Liberian Auditor General John S. Morlu says during his tenure, “Our team at GAC played a pivotal role in shaping legislation pertaining to accountability, transparency, procurement, and the battle against illicit wealth. Notably, both President Sirleaf and Speaker Tyler ensured that my insights were incorporated into each law, acknowledging the necessity of delineating what actions were constrained by political realities. Our commitment at the GAC was to execute these processes impartially and professionally.” With the mantle passed to President-elect Boakai, Morlu states in a statement released today that there exists a prime opportunity to actualize and implement these legislative provisions. He added that despite the prior awareness conveyed to Weah and Musa Dean, the enforcement of these measures was conspicuously absent, adding “It is imperative that the Liberian populace is well-informed, underscoring the significance of comprehending and abiding by the law. This is not a witch hunt; it is an unwavering commitment to facts, evidence, and the rule of law. Our focus is on tracking financial transactions—nothing more. “A call is extended to all outgoing CDC officials to willingly disclose their assets before concluding their tenure, thereby obviating the necessity for coercive measures. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to those who have already commenced this process with the LACC. Liberians express gratitude for upholding the fundamental tenets of accountability and transparency.” He states that President Joe Boakai is architecting a “born again” nation, and the stakes are high. There is no room for error this time. Boakai’s legacy must be one of leaving behind a land of liberty, a reborn and radiant city on the hill. smartnewsliberia.com

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