New Police Graduates Urged To Serve the Public By Amos Harris


The President of the Liberia National Law Enforcement (LINLEA), Cecil B. Griffiths, Has urged graduates of the Police Academy and Training School as servants to the public; adding, “You are not servants to individuals or a political party.”

“You are embarked on a mission that is just not a job, but a call to service, a service that is critical for the welfare of our society and the maintenance of law and order,” Mr. Griffiths cautioned the graduates. 

According to him, the nation is on the cusp of election, the public’s eyes are on the graduates and public expectations are high.

 Mr. Griffiths said the public yearns for a professional police force that maintains neutrality, upholds justice, and ensures a fair and peaceful electoral process.

 Meanwhile, the President of the Liberia National Law Enforcement said the role of police officers is to make an impact in their country, as members of the police service is of utmost importance.

“You are the guardians of justice, the frontline defenders of our social contract, and the upholders of the rule of law and order,” he stressed.

“As I commend you for your achievements, I wish to dwell on the principle that is fundamental to the noble profession you are about to enter the principle of non-partisanship in law enforcement,” he further emphasized.

 According to him, this is a principle that is sometimes challenged, especially in times of political tension such as the impending elections.

We  called upon the Government to provide the necessary logistical support to the police service, enabling them to carry out their duties professionally,”

He said law enforcement officers should not be hindered by a lack of resources, but empowered to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

“As you step into your roles, remember that your actions will be under scrutiny particularly from civil society and the public at large,” the graduates were reminded.

He said officers are servants of the law, and by extension, servants of the people, upholding the rule of law is vital for development and social cohesion, it fosters an environment of trust, fairness, and respect, promoting peace and stability.

Mr.  Griffiths told the officers that professionalism and commitment to upholding the rule of law will define their success in the profession.

“Let us come together and stand for justice, for peace, and for the better future of our nation,” he said.

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