Musa Bility Accused of ‘Failed Conspiracy’


The Chairman of opposition Liberty Party (LP), Stephen Zargo, said the party is facing what he called “greedy hunters” conspiracy to take the Chairmanship of the LP.

According to him, the conspiracy to wrongly remove him is being masterminded by Musa Bility, an official member of the party.

Senator Zargo alleged that  Mr. Bility along with other key actors are organizing some members and supporters of the party in the name of having convention which contradicts their constitution.

This comes less than a year after the death of LP Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.

Presenting a press statement on Wednesday, Agust 5, 2020, the party head said it is saddened that Bility and his entourage will unconstitutionally mastermind “a failed attempt” that tents to demonize the party’s value.

Senator Zargo clarified that the party has no intention of organizing convention as it has been misconstrued in the public.

According to him, Liberty Party is a “pro-democracy and law-abiding institution that operates accordingly with its code value and mandate.”

The Liberty Party Chairman, however, said the situation in the party could be from the plans of “indivisible hands” who are accordingly trying to weaken the party in discharging its political sojourn.

Though Senator Zargo did not name the “indivisible hands,” he assured partisans of their strong involvement in the Collaborating Political Party (CPP).

Meanwhile, Mr. Bility has denied the LP Chairman’s allegation, clarifying that he (Bility) has no authority to call for a convention.


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