MFDP Minster Apologizes To HOR -Pleads for pardon amidst ailment

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The Honorable House of Representatives- HOR, has pardoned Finance Development Planning Minister, Boima Kamara, based on a passionate appeal over ailment. The House Press Bureau is quoted in a statement as saying, Minister Kamara, appealed his recent deliberate absences before the august body Tuesday during the 14th Day sitting of the 2nd Quarter. The House of Representatives, last week Thursday, invoked its Contempt Power as outlined in rule four, on the Finance Minister for repeated failure to appear before it. He was cited to among other things, discuss key financial matters including updates about Liberia’s consolidated accounts and bank balances, and validate reports from the Liberia Revenue Authority on revenue collection. Minister Boimah Kamara unexcused absences among other things, obstructed legislative functions preceding a contempt charge. For his part, Finance Minister, Boima Kamara, remained apologetic during his Tuesday, July 2, 2024, appearance before the House of Representatives. Finance Minister Kamara sought the mercy of the body over ailment. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives pardoned the Finance Minister, cautioning him not to compromise the duties and functions of the legislature over mere issues.

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