Concerned Professionals Support WECC Establishment By: Yassah J. Wright

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The concerned professionals in support of the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court, have welcomed President Joseph Boakai appointment of Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi as Executive Director for the office of the Establishment of the World and Economic Crimes Courts of Liberia. The group also said it recognizes and appreciates the immense contributions of the international community, individuals and groups who have endorsed Cllr. Massaquoi’s preferment. The group believes that the appointment of Cllr. Massaquoi is timely and important to attain justice for victims of the country’s fourteen years (14)of civil crisis, and to bring to closure the culture of impunity in Liberia. These victims were mainly women and children who were sexually abused, tortured and suffered severe human rights violations. During the war, thousands of children were recruited, drugged and turned into child soldiers; and about two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) people lost their lives during the (14) years bloody and senseless civil unrest. The establishment of the office for the War and Economic Crimes Court would send a powerful message that Liberia and the international community strongly support institutions established to hold accountable those responsible for War and Economic Crimes; which will deter would be perpetrators. “Let us at this time, address the numerous professional legal roles Cllr. Massaquoi has played over the last fifteen years (15), while in his private practice defending Human rights both locally and internationally,” the concerned professionals noted. Cllr. Massaquoi defended and freed Child Rights Advocate Abraham Kieta at the Monrovia City Court when a formal complaint was filed before the court by former Grand Gedeh County district # 2 Representatives Morias Waylee. In that case, the former lawmaker accused the child right advocate of organizing a protest at the Capitol Building against him (Waylee). The counselor also served the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia as Amicus Curiae, to write two Amicus Briefs on the professional and ethical breaches of a judge and counselor of the High Court. He also provided adequate legal representation in several high profile cases including the Liberia Petroleum and Refinery Corporation (LPRC), Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), Guarantee Trust Bank of Liberia (GT Bank) and the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).Cllr. Massaquoi provided adequate legal representation for Liberia’s former first lady, Agnes Reeves Taylor, in a trial with an international non-government organization called Civitas Maxima of Sweden. In most recent time, Cllr. Massaquoi provided legal adversary opinions about the Liberian laws relating to human rights and war crimes to foreign lawyers both from Finland and United Kingdom (UK). “We urged the international community and all Liberians to continue to support the Executive Director in the execution of his mandate for the establishment of the Court,” the group noted.

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