MDR USA Chapter Threatens Calling On Sanction Against Weah Gov’t


The MDR USA chapter has threatened to call on the international community to sanction the Weah led government if they continue to get themselves involved with acts of violence against opposition political parties.

According to a release issued on behalf of the group, their attention has been drawn series of act of violence in which the ruling party (CDC) is allegedly involved with attacks on opposition political parties and the latest is the recent attack on Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County known as the “political godfather”.

The release notes that, the incident occurred few days ago when Senator Johnson travelled to District # 4 in Nimba County in a town called Gbor-Wheiplay . We observed that our campaign team also traveled to a town called Vayanglay where supporters lead by the Good Governance Commission and former Representative of the same District allegedly engaged in a clash with supporters of Rescue 2 and the Unity Party Vice Standard-bearer Jeremiah KpanKoung.

According to report, the clash resulted into a tragic death of one of their supporters. “This is completely unacceptable and an embarrassment to our democracy and the hard earned recent Farmington Peace agreement signed by all political parties.” The release added.

“We the MDR /USA through our Chairman, Mr. George Wuo is calling on the ruling party to desist from such behavior and allow Sen. Johnson to travel all over Liberia and campaign for his choice of candidates because this is the law” the statement further noted ..

It is very timely and prudent that we remind the National Elections Commission (NEC) about trending issues that may result into Elections Violence because it emanates from the very law ascribed within the laws of NEC.

NEC should be reminded of, “Title 11 of the Liberian Code of laws revised”  which was approved by the legislature on September 29,1986 and published on October 4, 1986 specifically pointing to section 10.21 of the elections laws in relation to, “Freedom of Travel Throughout the Country and the Use of Public facilities by Political Parties”.

It is saddened that this Elections law is still on the book but the ruling party is orchestrating violence in the face of the law..

For the benefits of the public we will quote Section 10.21 of the election law which states “Political parties, without any molestation whatsoever by official action, are privileged to travel throughout the length and breadth of the country to canvass for membership or for elective public office and to hold and conduct orderly meetings and political rallies to raise funds or for any lawful purposes in the free exercise of their political franchise being responsible for the abuse of such privileges.

 They shall be entitled to appropriate security protection when timely public notice is given” among other things

predicated upon this, we are calling on ECOWAS to ensure that all political parties respect the recent peace agreement and respect the laws on our book so that everyone can be able to canvass for his or candidate during this election period but if the government failed to put in place the necessary measure to maintain the peace, sanction should be the way forward instead of turn the country into another blood bath.

Let it be clear that we are following the process legally and the CDC government should desist from creating a dark cloud over these elections or face the consequences from the incoming sanctions already packed on major political individuals surrounding his presidency. Cable Media-Liberia.

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