Lofians Decide -As Momo Cyrus Breaks Political Glass Ceiling By: Julius Konton


Unlike 2005, the political dynamics in Lofa County appear to be taking another  dimension.

 Currently, results so far have shown that the people of Lofa are no longer making decisions based on tribal, regional and party lines.  According to the NEC’s legislative results, three representative candidates out of the five electoral districts won on the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change ticket while two have won on the main opposition Unity Party Ticket.

Already, current Senator, Cllr. Joseph Kpartor Jallah is a Cdician haven won on the CDC ticket in the bi-election thus making it four lawmakers who are now legislators on the ruling establishment tickets unlike before. Going forward,  the political battle in Lofa  now looks tight and competitive especially with the latest result from the senatorial election which saw an independent candidate, Momo Tarnue Kollie Cyrus who narrowly won the CDC candidate and former Representative- Moses Y. Kollie. According to the NEC, Momo Cyrus won with   37,621 constituting 28.49% over CDC’s Moses Kollie with  37, 200 constituting 28.17% ,  a close margin of 421 votes; thus  showing the strength of the ruling party over the historical political strong hold of the former ruling Unity Party. Cyrus as an independent candidate proved supremacy over a ruling party candidate, braved the storm as his election victory has so far helped to change the political narratives in Lofa County unlike before.  According to some Lofians, they are now making decisions based on tangibles and developmental impact, not business as usual.

Senator elect- Cyrus has made history for Lofa County through his investment in health, education, infrastructure development, as well as sports and unification among the people of the county. His pay back to represent his people, according to Lofians, is a well-deserved gift for him  for doing more for them from the bigger and governmental stage. He has made tremendous impact on the lives of his people as a businessman and an independent person as such, many believe that his involvement at the house of elders, the Liberian Senate will be a new day and a turning point for the people of Lofa County. Cyrus has repeatedly called for unity among the people of Lofa as well as road construction which many believe will be top on his agenda. As an independent Lawmaker, Cyrus has always bragged that he is the middle man who can work his way between all sides in the supreme interest of Lofa County and will do such for his people.  With his passion for a united and one Lofa County, Cyrus will now endeavor to use his robust and impactful lobbying skills to make Lofa better in the chambers of the Liberian Senate in 2024.

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