LINU’s Senatorial Candidate Accuses NEC Of Electoral Irregularities


Dr. Emmanuel WollorTopor, a senatorial candidate representing the Liberia National Union (LINU) in Maryland, has raised allegations of electoral irregularities in the recent October 10th elections in Maryland County, implicating boththe incumbent senator, J. Gbleh-bo Brown, and the National Elections Commission (NEC). Dr. Topor, addressing reporters at his office in Pleebo, expressed serious concerns regarding the NEC’s tallying process in Maryland County. He characterized the entire process as fraught with “fraud.” According to him, the tally sheets provided to his poll watchers on election day did not correspond with the numbers displayed on the sheets posted by NEC polling staff at various polling precincts, particularly in Karluway District. He also noted that many tally sheets exhibited numerous erasures and scratches during the NEC’s tallying process, which he labeled as unfair. Dr. Topor emphasized his belief that J. Gbleh-bo Brown’s chances of securing a second term in Maryland are slim, citing what he considers to be a lackluster performance during the incumbent senator’s nine-year tenure. He stated that he initially raised concerns about these irregularities, but the NEC magistrate in the county dismissed them as “human errors.” In response, he expressed his dismay, saying, “You can see for yourself, I raised these issues, but they continue telling me that these were human errors. Do we have room for human errors in elections? Brown cheated; he knows it. I never had a lawyer because they continued to play games with us. Now, I have a lawyer, and we have already initiated the legal process.” Meanwhile, the NEC has officially declared incumbent Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown as the winner of the Maryland senatorial race. After counting all 75 polling places, Senator Brown emerged victorious with 12,729 votes, while Dr. Topor came second with 11,618 votes in total. Dr. Topor assured that his actions would remain within the bounds of legality and peace, affirming, “Our response will be peaceful. My lawyer is fully prepared.” By Peter P. Toe, Jr. /

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