Liberian Civil War Prayer


It was a time of great and exalting excitement, Until the country was again up in arms and agitation. The war was on, Indeed tough and elusive, Era has made it way; The melody of birds singing in the trees, Had been converted to the rhymes of guns and violence. Faces begun wet, Flooded with river of pains and sorrows, Sleep departed the eyes. The state of peace became an alien, Hunger and thirst inherited the land of milk and honey. Liberia had lost herself. The early morning of December 24, 1989; She felt the weight of the flight of foe, The toy pistols popping, The bunched firecrackers hissing and, Sputtering her air, dislocating her peaceful citizens. After many weeks of persecution and starvation, Thousands of her citizens were found dead, Thousands flee in to exile, Thousands made rebels of which, Hundreds were child soldiers. Their ways were watered with tears. The land was stained with the blood, Of the wounded feet and dead body, Of family and love ones. Creeks and rivers were colored, In the blood of the innocent, And pregnant women. On and on it continued; Until a large group of citizens of growing eyes, And bleeding heart, Tired of tumor, Gathered at the American Embassy, Headed by great and devoted men women of God. Together made request and supplications, To God above. Spoken and unspoken. Together they said: Oh! Lord our father, the protector of our land, And flag. We have witnessed our love ones lost lives, Raped and fleet to exile. Our hopes blasted, our lives blighted. Help us survive, Help our land find peace, Let our blood not be waisted. Let hunger and thirst disconnect us. Pains and sorrows flooded with the remedy of peace, For our sake, who adore thee O Lord, Blast the hopes of our enemies, Make heavy and slippery their steps, Water their path with self tears. Bless the arms of those fighting on our behalf, Bless every foreign aid, Long live mama Liberia. We asked it, In the spirit of love, Of Him, who’s the source of love. So dearly we pray seeking your aid with humble and Contrite hearts. Together they said: Amen!!! Oh! Lord, Our God, we thank you for mama Liberia.



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