I Am Liberia Poem by Charley De Inspirator


I am Liberia!
Though scared by scourges of alien spades,
My resilience bears the fountain of heaven’s grace,
Piercing the pangs of all my shades!

My independence, I breathed into Africa’s lungs,
Clothed her with my stripes, the red, white and blue;
And gave her a star when she knew not one!

My waters rhythm waves of freedom,
Hailing treasured mountains and supreme chiefdoms.
Divine gemstones overflow the scopes of my coast,
Their sparkles define the image of my undeniable beauty!

My children are the ordained species of apex predators!
Their lineages are woven with blackness,
The tattooed birthmark of optimism—
Unbleached to proclaim the glorified identity of their motherland!

With arms of liberty I do solemnly pledge
The allegiance of a century filled heritage!
I today connect a living channel to the realm of your soul,
Bidding you welcome,
Welcome to Rediscover Mama Liberia!

SOURCE: https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/i-am-liberia/


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