In China : Journalist Korzawu Appointed Panda Reporter By: Julius Konton


Liberian Journalist Amos P. Korzawu has been appointed as Panda Reporter for Chengdu Radio and TV in China.

Journalist Korzawu is currently in China along with other Liberian journalists participating in cross sessions of media- related trainings.

According to reports, his active participation and robustness in accomplishing specific tasks caught the attention of the Chinese media house to collect such a well- deserved media appointment.

Amos, as part of the launching ceremony, joined other colleagues and produced short videos as a new Panda reporter.

Panda reporters are ambassadors and bridges for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Since its birth in 2019, Panda Reporters has carried out its mission and been active in multiple fields, and Pandas are China’s treasures.

It can be recalled that the Liberian delegation arrived in Beijing on the 15th of August to participate in the “Liberia Media Think Tanks and Senior Scholars short-term Seminar.

The delegations over the past weeks have had professors from different universities to provide lectures on Media Literacy, Media Development, and New Media among others.

The team has also had a wonderful time touring several historical sites in China, and some of the site invited includes the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Birds Neck, the largest city square in the world, CCTV Tower, and others.

At the same time, The Liberia delegation will have a Chengdu city experience this week, with a visit to Tianful New Area, Xinglong Lake, and Panda Base among other historical sites in Chengdu.

Amos, a Legislative Reporter assigned at the House of Representatives for Fortune Television is also the Assistant Secretary General for a professional media body organized by assigned reporters covering the National Legislature called: LISGISPOL.

The proactive and versatile Liberian journalist specializes in Audiovisual editing, video graphing and is also an experience reporter for several years.

He formerly worked for Sky Communications INC, SKY FM and TV and also KreativeMindz Television, KMTV before joining two other professional colleagues to establish the JEA Communications INC as one of the founders and co. owners.

Not surprised, Journalist Korzawu received tons of congratulatory messages on the social media when the news broke up following his newest appointment.

Displaying his certificate, the FTV’s   Sr. Reporter and Financial Manager expressed thanks to the Chinese media for granting him such training opportunity.

He promised to work harder and assured them that his best is yet to come.

Chengdu  Radio and Television is a major television network in China, owned by the Sichuan Provincial Government based in Chengdu.

Founded on May 1, 1960,  SRT officially began broadcasting nationally on August 1, 2003.

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