‘Let Them Talk, Why I Am Working’ Weah6 Throws Jabs At Opposition By: Julius Konton


As the political campaign takes major shapes across Liberia, it appears that jabs, claims and counter claims are now dominating the political debates across the corridors of the country.

Even though politicians are prioritizing their respective messages to their people, they are at the same time not ignoring jabs from each other.

At a well- attended political gathering  in Kakata City, Margibi County, the Standard Bearer of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change , President  George Manneh Weah  urged his partisans and supporters to focus on the work he has  done for them  and not to listen to unnecessary and false accusations against him.

“Let them talk why I am working for you,” he sharply responded to the opposition.

Responding to critics that he is a killer, he wondered, “how can a man who can’t even kill a fly when he is eating on a table be a killer? How can a man who can’t kill an animal kill a human being, this is laughable and far from reality.”

According to him, election at times is like a market and when people realize that they can’t get the market, all they do is to say the negatives which are unfair to the people, he noted.

“How can a George Weah who you know and the world knows very well with all these good records of being a peace ambassador, a reconciler, a unifier and a developer, be a killer? This is impossible, however, remember that  those who are saying these negative things their mouths are not Bible, even though they are pastors, but do not forget if a pastor says his mouth is  a Bible, he is a liar,” he further told his supporters.

At the same time, President Weah, for the first time in public, rallied support for  Margibians to elect Senatorial Hopeful, Nathaniel Mcgill.

According to him, his former Chief of Office Staff who worked as former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, if elected at the Liberian Senate will do well for the people of Margibi County and Liberia in general.

Meanwhile, the campaign rally of the Coalition for Democratic Change on August 30, 2023, marked the fifth county since the ruling party commenced its nationwide campaign tour which Western Liberia on Monday was concluded.

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