HoR Scrutinizes Three Bill From Executive


The House of Representatives-HOR is scrutinizing three bills submitted by President Joseph Boakai. In a communication to the House of Representatives Tuesday, April 30, 2024, President Boakai, wants the body amend TITLE 12, CHAPTER 1, PART 1, EXECUTIVE LAW, LIBERIAN CODES OF LAW REVISED BY CREATING A NEW SUB-CHAPTER “E” TO BE KNOWN- AS PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION ACT. President Boakai said Liberia is rapidly cultivating democratic values for healthy democratization, peaceful advancement, and enduring permanency.  “The transfer of political power from one democratically elected President to another democratically elected President in our recent history is a testament to this significant democratic progress”, he stated. According to him, the non-existence of a legal mechanism/protocol for the organization and smooth transition has been a national issue sometimes creating inefficacy in the process. The Liberian Leader added that the bill, when enacted, shall apply to, and govern all transitional activities of the Government of Liberia following the holding of General and Presidential elections culminating into the transfer of power from one democratically elected government to another. The instrument was forwarded to the committees on Executive, Judiciary and Elections & Inauguration to report one week upon the House’ return in May. At the same time, the Liberian Leader, is seeking amendment to TITLE 30, PUBLIC AUTHORITIES LAW, LIBERIAN CODES OF LAW REVISED TO ESTABLISH THE LIBERIA NATIONAL TOURISM AUTHORITY ACT- LNTA. He said the objective and purpose of the bill is to detach “Tourism” from the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, to make Tourism, that seems to be almost dormant, an independent entity that will enhance and improve the tourism sector of the Country.  “The Tourism Sector when properly managed, will be an engine of investment, employment, growth, national development, international integration and reconciliation”, he alerted. The instrument was forwarded to the committee on Information and Broadcasting, and Judiciary to report within two weeks upon the body’s return in May. Meanwhile, President Joseph Boakai, sought the body’s approval to repeal CHAPTER 25, MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS, TITLE 12 EXECUTIVE LAW OF 1972, LIBERIAN CODES OF LAW REVISED, TO ESTABLISH IN ITS STEAD, A NEW CHAPTER 25 TO BE KNOWN AS THE MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT. According to him, the objective of the bill, is to amend the Act establishing the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and to create in its stead the Ministry of Local Government consistent with the Local Government Act of 2018. He said, when enacted, the Ministry of Local Government shall be responsible for providing executive oversight to, mentor and guide, all local governments, specifically in their management of balanced, socio-economic development programs.  “These include communal farming, research, boundary harmonization; empowerment of local communities, strengthening of the delivery of social services, cultural and traditional practices”, the Liberian Leader added. President Boakai said the Ministry will also enhance the promotion of peace and reconciliation and delivery of good governance, including popular participation, inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, and access to justice at local levels, consistent with the Local Government Act of 2018 and all laws, policies, strategies, and regulations relating to local governance and peace building. The instrument has been forwarded to Judiciary and Internal Affairs to report upon the House’ return in May. The President, trust that the legislature will enact into law these bills which form an integral part of his ARREST agenda.

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