Hold On To The Farmington Declaration -Joint Security Tell UP & CDC By:Yassah J Wright


The Joint Security of Liberia is calling on the Unity Party (UP) and Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to hold on the Farmington Declaration and keep the peace.  They are also requesting the ruling CDC and UP to provide their respective campaign schedules for the run-off election. Made up of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS),u   the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), among others, the Joint Security believes that the parties’ provision of campaign schedules will help prevent conflict. They stated that the first round of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections was largely peaceful; there were cases of brutal political violence that led to deaths, bodily injuries, and damage to properties, among others. To avoid a repeat of such violence in the presidential run-off, Police Spokesman, Moses Carter said the Joint Security is requesting the two political parties in the run-off to ensure that they are protected and guided on the day of their launching. “The Joint Security is appealing to both parties that make it to the runoff to make available their campaign schedules to the police,” said Carter.  He noted that this is in keeping with the many conversations and dialogue they had with political parties before the conduct of the elections.  Additionally, Carter stated that this is in good faith and it is also intended to enable the security forces to protect any of the two parties that will be launching their campaigns. According to him, many times the joint securities are blamed for not doing much in curtailing violence that broke out during political rallies and campaigns. But Carter argued that when political parties are having rallies or campaigns, they don’t fully inform the Joint Security. He suggested that this led to some of the violence of the first phase of the elections. Finally, we are asking the two parties to present their campaign schedules. We are doing this to avoid intrusion so that when one is having their activities, we don’t want the next party to come there,” Carter stressed.  Carter stated that the Joint Security’s preparation for the run-off election is well on course, noting that the security forces are prepared to provide adequate security protection.  “During the previous elections, there were reports of Joint Security officers not seen in some places. However, I want to inform you that we have addressed all of those challenges ranging from threat, logistics, and manpower,” he said.  “We are well on course and prepared for the runoff. We want to improve the rating of the Joint Security in this runoff,” said Carter.

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