Grand Kru Technical College Praises Speaker Koffa


The Grand Kru Technical College (GKTC) has praised House Speaker J.Fonati Koffa for his transparent and democratic election at the 55th Legislature. The Technical College administration has also commended Speaker Koffa for his continuous support to development and promotion of quality education in the country. The College has expressed confidence that Speaker Koffa will promote critical interventions in government pursuit of micro-economic development, particularly to support quality education across the country.   According to a press release issued, the College administration further applauded the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus and its Chairman, Senator Nimene T. H. Bartekwa, Sr. for the numerous supports in shafting the new trajectory at the technical college.  The Grand Kru Technical College which was birthed from the Grand Kru Technical and Vocational Institute in Barclayville, is playing a significant role in the educational heritage of Grand Kru County. The College was established by an Act of the National Legislature in 2019 to prepare students to lead lives of leaning, accomplishment, and service and to help them develop skills and attributes critical for success in a diverse and interdependent world. The College is offering Associate of Arts Degree granting courses in six academic majors including Agriculture Technology, Education,   Engineering and Technology, Business, Natural Sciences, and Health Sciences. Courses offered under Agriculture Technology AA Degree granting program  include: Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Fishery and Aquaculture Sciences and Agriculture Extension; For the  Education  program, courses offered include : Early Childhood , Primary, and  Secondary Education, English and Math; Courses offered for the Engineering and Technology AA degree granting program are Mechanical, Computer Science, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Electricity and Building Construction. Also, for the AA Degree Program in Business, courses required study are management, accountant, and public administration and under the  Natural Sciences Degree program, courses required are: Biology, Physical Sciences and Microbiology while for the Health Sciences AA degree Program at the GKTC, students are   required to study Public Health.   

In the meantime, the College will commence offering degrees in Education, Agriculture and Engineering Technology as it strives to be among the most innovative academic institutions in the country. In the vision of the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus, it was expedient to raise the status of the Grand Kru Technical Vocational Training Institute to a college level to provide the graduates of high schools in Grand Kru County and its environs an opportunity to earn degrees in professional major fields.

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