Unknown Persons Intrude Former Chief Justice Residence? By: Yassah J. Wright


The Defense Team of Cllr. Gloria M. Scott and Family has informed the public that unknown men have been caught on the compound of Cllr. Scott’s Virginia Residence. They were reportedly arrested by the help of community members who called police and have been taken to a police local depot, Zone 6 Base in Virginia. They were said to be caught with assorted items from the main house. It is also alleged that they have been accessing the compound and making away with things including Flat Screen TV, rice, Oil, construction materials, among others and sometimes sleeping in, according to a neighbor (eyewitness). During the trial at the lower court (Criminal Court A”), Defense raised the issue that unknown persons were still accessing the compound and making away with things but Prosecution argued that it was a family member by the name of Anthony Musu who was going to the compound under the pretext of feeding the dogs and Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie ruled that no family member should visit the compound and that the Government thought the LNP be in charge of the compound. The Defense Team is troubled by these developments and considers them as validation of the Intrusion alarm blown by their clients Cllr. Scott and her family which police said was false information to law enforcement officers. .It can be recalled that the head of the Police Investigation Team, Assistant Commissioner of Police – ACP, Monroe A. Dennis, about two weeks ago, made many startling revelations on a local radio (Hott FM), from the United States. ACP Dennis on Phone from the US, informed the public through the local radio talk show that the investigation findings didn’t suggest the crimes mentioned in the indictment, but heavy hands interfered and insisted that Cllr. Scott and her family be charged as such. “In keeping with law, we forthwith excepted and announced an Appeal before the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, the arbiter of all judicial matters in this jurisdiction and same has been perfected for its March 2024 Term.”

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