The Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) has described as false and misleading allegations from the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudue that Deputy Inspector General of Police for Crime Services Division, Col. Prince Mulbah form an investigative decision regarding Ms. Peaches Queen Johnson’s involvement in the death of a partisan of the CDC known as Joshua without his knowledge.  This claim of insubordination from IG Sudue is a diabolical lie intended to besmear the reputable professional character of Deputy Police Inspector General, Col. Prince Mulbah. It is gravely sinister and despicable that the Inspector General of Police, Col. Patrick Sudue will engage into denigrating the professional reputation of Deputy Police Inspector General, Prince Mulbah.  The Civil Society Network of Liberia strongly believes that Col. Prince Mulbah will not take decision regarding the investigation of alleged crimes, and/or the forwarding of an alleged criminal to court without the knowledge of the Inspector General of Police. In the case of Ms. Peaches Queen Johnson’s arrest, our investigation established that she was arrested, investigated and the investigative report was made available to the leadership of the LNP, including Inspector General, Patrick Sudue.  The investigative report provided by Col. Prince Mulbah informed the LNP press release presented by Police Spokesperson, Moses Carter. Furthermore, claims by the CDC-Council of Patriots that Deputy Inspector General Prince Mulbah orchestrated the escape of Ms. Peaches Queen Johnson is also false ald misleading, but a concocted ploy being designed by IG Sudue to present Col. Mulbah as an unprofessional law enforcement officer. Sensing that Col. Prince Mulbah is tipped to be retained by the Boakai Koung Government, IG Sudue had resorted to using surrogates, like the CDC-COP to blackmail the professional conduct of Col. Mulbah. Meanwhile, the Civil Society Network of Liberia calls on all Liberians, especially President Elect Joseph Boakai not to give credence to Col. Sudue’s unsustainated allegations against Deputy Inspector General of Police, Col. Prince Mulbah.

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