Conspiracy, Colossal Blunder Hampers Speaker Chambers Reelection?


Following the just ended October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections which ended in a run-off between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party (UP), some of the defeated candidates are clamoring in the loudest of being cheated or a foul play that prevented them of assuming their respective seats in the National Legislature. The Nation recently witnessed huge contestants in the just ended elections of various Districts in the Country, as some had up to 34-35 candidates vying for a single seat, which included independent candidates as well. Interestingly, one of such  persons that felt the pinch of being cheated was, Speaker Bhofal Chambers who was defeated by a former student  leader Anthony Williams, who according to information was allegedly supported by Senator James Biney, Deputy Speaker FonatiKofa and others to have him (Chambers) removed. Accordingly, one incident that sparked out the controversy was at a specific polling center wherein dispute erupted at a precinct in Plebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, when Mask Man appeared and what is being referred to in Liberia as “Country Devil, presided over the counting of the ballots papers. What was shocking was, the previous tallying of ballots been counted at the time , evince that speaker Chamber was in the lead but when the mask man( country devil) took over as self-impose presiding officers, the dynamics of the tallying change thus placing  Anthony Williams in a comfortable lead. During the appearance of the Mask man “Country Devil” at the polling center, residents went hitter- scatter in order to salvage their lives including the National Elections Commission (NEC) staffs who unconditionally fled too. It is said that anyone who is not a part of said cult, lay eyes on the “Country Devil” will perish instantly or be taken forcibly into joining said society. Following the eruption of the controversies in the district wherein the situation could not be contained through the NEC officials in the County, Speaker Bhopal Chamber veer in direction by seeking redress at the National Elections Commission (NEC) Headquarters in Monrovia regarding the foul played in the just ended elections. What is incredibly unbelievable is, for a student leader who does not  have the pedigree  as compare to Speaker Bhofal Chamber who is indisputably sophisticated and perched in the high echelon of government with the immense resources at his disposal to be defeated, is questionable especial after carrying on tremendous social reform and human resource development in the district. Though the hearing  in the matter seems not to be tailoring his way, it is likely that speaker Chamber might naval to the judiciary as a prudent means to remedy the situation as many of his supporters are spirited to ensure that justice sail Chambers way in accordance with the organic laws of the land. But interestingly, what is now termed as a melodrama in this situation that puzzle many in the county in particular the district, is the Mask man or dancer (country devil) informed citizens of the district that it will appear in court if he (Chamber) dare went to court on grounds that the tradition of the land, especially the county and in particular the district supersede the laws. Meanwhile, when contacted regarding the involvement of the country devil in the just ended elections in which the devil played the role of presiding officers through the counting of ballots in favor of rival Anthony Williams, the Chief of the Traditional Council of Liberia, ZanzanKawor said he was not in the know of the situation. He also acknowledged that all activities of the “country devil” across Liberia have come to a momentary still. However, the situation in the district remains volatile as there are claims and counter claims emanating from both sides until the final arbiter of justice can speak in the matter.  But some pundits and observers are of the conviction that given what has transpired in the district shows that Speaker Chamber won the election, had it not being so, there was not a need to have non staffer of NEC to preside especially a county devil, over the ballot boxes to tally and gave results that NEC officials have to placard outside without reconciliation of the counts.  Pundits also see the controversies interplaying in the ended elections as a complete conspiracy and colossal blunder on the part of NEC to allegedly run away and allowed country devil to oversee the polling center. The act exhibited could be considered in such manner and fashion as a covert operation to remove Speaker Chambers.

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