Combating Abusive Public Utterances


LIBERIANS ARE CLOSELY following a case involving social media talk-show host Prophet Key and Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee at the Monrovia City Court before Judge Ben Barco.

AMBASSADOR ENDEE HAS sued Prophet Key for alleged abusive public utterances against her for which she is requesting the court to compel the accused to be liable  to pay US$5,000,000.00 (to be decided by trial jury); US$300,000.00 and US$250,000.00 for general damages; punitive damages and successful attorney fees.

COMPLAINANT ENDEE FEELS injured and humiliated accordingly as a result of Prophet Key’s alleged commission of Criminal Coercion, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct against her through vilification on social media. 

LIKE OTHER INTERESTED Liberians, we are carefully following the legal battle to see how the court intends to dispense justice in favor or against either party.

INTERESTING THOUGH, WE have witnessed some sort of drama in the proceedings; when Complainant Endee reportedly dropped charges against Defendant Key, on grounds that there was no sufficient evidence to convict the accused.

HOWEVER, THERE IS a turning point in the legal battle, such that Complainant Endee has threatened to exhibit nakedness in front of the Executive Mansion in protest to the so-called court ruling that she has dropped charges against Prophet Key due to lack of sufficient evidence to convict the accused.

DENOUNCING THE RULING, Complainant Endee senses a manipulative hand in the corridor of state power; assumingly the office of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s legal advisor being the mastermind to deny her fair trial in the case.

SO THE PUBLIC is keenly following the proceedings to the logical and legal conclusion, hoping that abusive public utterances can be discouraged in the Liberian society.


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