CDC Executives Fear Costa-ALP Return?


Ahead of November 14, Presidential Run-off, the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP), on Sunday, October 29, endorsed the reelection bid of incumbent President Goerge Manneh Weah in an apparent backtrack from its previous criticisms against the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Benoni Urey’s ALP, especially its Vice Chairman for Inter-Party Affairs, and critic Henry Pedro Costa, had fearlessly batched the Weah’s government sending waves of uncertainties and lack of control by the George Weah administration. Accepting the ALP endorsement, President Weah said: “Family tree can bend but it can’t break,” referring to Mr. Urey and family as his family members and that they fell apart due to irreconcilable political differences then. The All-Liberian Party endorsement program was attended by several members of the government, and closed ally of President Weah, including CDC National Campaign Chair,  Eugene Nagbe, Samuel Tweah, Jr,  Finance and Development Planning Minister, and Manwine Diggs,  Minister of Commerce and Industry, Pepci Yekeh, Head of the government run quick impact project LECE. Amidst the joy on the faces of both President Weah and his longtime friend Urey, the  Independent Probe  said it noticed  conspicuous absence of key executives from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), sparking concern about the endorsement. Notably absent was CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Secretary Jefferson Koijee, Youth League Chairman Emmanuel Johnson, Montserrado County Chair, several zonal heads of the mighty Congress For Democratic Change-CDC. As absence of the CDC executives began noticeable, apparent speculation began to spread about the lack of trust and sincerity of the ALP and their leadership, particularly talk show host Henry P. Costa. At various points, pockets of discussions ensued, with some asking deeper questions about the motives of the ALP’s endorsement amidst deep-seated mistrust between the CDC and the ALP. Some wondered the sincerity of Henry Coast’s sudden shift from the Unity Party to the CDC he longed fought. An elderly woman in the stands, whispered to IPNEWS: “Henry P. Costa’s story should serve as a valuable lesson for all Liberians, especially those who prioritize their political parties over the well-being of the country, leading to internal conflicts over politicians. You mean for six years ago, Henry P. Costa divided Liberia by inciting hostility against President George Weah, yet they all are smiling like this?” It may be recalled, Henry P. Costa, on June 7, 2019, led a massive protest against the George Weah’s Government under the theme: “#Save the State.” Upon the ascendancy of the George Weah’s government, Henry Costa for those 11 or so months became a part of the President’s “praise and worshipers” stating that it was time for every Liberian to put all ‘hands on deck’ to help the government make Liberia a better place and to give the new government a chance.  However, by mid-2018, Costa’s unflinching support to the regime began to dwindle and by the turn of 2018, he had gone back to be the Henry Costa most people knew him to be during the former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime. He was very critical of most things Madam Sirleaf and her regime did. As Henry Costa supporters took to the streets to protest against corruption, particularly when $16 billion went missing from the country’s development fund, simultaneously, thousands of CDCians, supporters of President Weah’s party, turned against Henry P. Costa, considering him an enemy of the government. “Let me President George Weah, cautioning him to exercise care in his dealings with Henry P. Costa. It’s important to remember that Henry P. Costa was once a vehement adversary, even leading to his arrest, which prompted him to cross the border secretly one night. Now, he appears to be getting closer to Weah due to a hunger for power, revealing that politicians are primarily motivated by self-interest. Liberian people, please take heed of Henry P. Costa’s story.” The Elderly Woman cried. Ahead of Sunday, October 29, endorsement there seems to be an uproar within the All-Liberian Party of Businessman turned politician Benoni Urey. The National Executive Committee of the All-Liberian Party ALP, comprising of more than 2/3 of the Executive Committee and National Leadership stated that the planned Sunday’s endorsement of President Weah’s second term bid by the ALP was faked, unconstitutional, and totally unpopular. The ALP release Saturday October 28 stated that the planned endorsement program of President George M. Weah by a clique of partisans was unpatriotic and lacks party discipline.

“We wish to inform the partisans and the general public that the majority membership of the Executive Committee does not approve the planned endorsement slated for Sunday October 29, 2023 at the National Headquarters of the ALP, and we will therefore not participate in the program.” “The constitution of the All-Liberian Party -ALP Article 5.4.1 section (b) gives the National Executive Committee the authority to assume the powers of the National Convention for the smooth running of the Party, to formulate and adopt general policies, programs, projects, and procedures pursuant to the overall governance of the party, in the recess of the National Convention. Therefore, decision such as collaboration or endorsement is normally made by 2/3 majority of the EC members and is transmitted into a resolution signed by members who made the decision.” Hon. JŚB Theodore Mom0, National Chairman, All Liberian Party stated. The party at the same time stated that it is regrettable and unfortunate that since September 22, 2023 when the EC of the ALP vehemently voted against the decision with the Coalition for Democratic Change – CDC in the first round, it (EC) has not reconvened to reverse its decision not to support CDC. Theodore Momo: “The decision therefore to endorse President George M. Weah by a clique of the party falls short of an Executive Committee’s approval, and therefore renders said decision illegal, and totally against the will and aspirations of the leadership and membership of the All-Liberian Party nationwide. “We are pleased to state that majority of the National Leadership of the ALP. including both statutory and non-statutory members (not the EC), county leaders, among others have acted in accordance with the constitution of the Party by affixing their signatures to an official resolution, signed and notarized (as required by law) to support and endorse Amb. Joseph N. Boakai and the Rescue Mission.” “This Resolution has officially been transmitted to the Political Leader Benoni W. Urey as of the National Leadership of the party regarding the only valid and legitimate decision the All-Liberian Party’s participation the runoff. The fact is, when the ALP is not field in is unfair for anyone to infringe on endorsement upon them against any candidate in the Presidential Runoff of 2023, is the democratic right of the partisans by imposing another will. ” “We urge all of our partisans to remain patient and engaged with the majority leadership, as we together work for a be means to reach unimproved ends in our count.” The ALP statement concluded. But reacting to the confusion and disagreement within the ALP over the endorsement of President Weah, Urey as Political Leader of ALP commands majority of the party therefore, the endorsement is legitimate .The ALP had been the main ally of former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity Party before going into the October 10, 2023, Presidential and Legislative elections. Relations got soured weeks before UP’s Vice-Presidential pick, which led to their breakup. During the period of their strong ties, both UP and ALP were the first two parties to walk out of the Collaborating Political Parties before subsequently dragging Mr. Alexander B. Cummings to court for forgery, a charge Mr. Cummings repeatedly denied before his acquittal in 2022. Source:

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