CDC, UP Campaign Teams Experience Double Back-Kick


In a rather sarcastic tone, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, last week officially endorsed the reelection bid of incumbent Liberian President George Manneh Weah. Speaking to IPNEWS via phone, Representative Kolubah stated that the ‘CDC is not a bad party, so what’s wrong with him endorsing President Weah? ‘Rep. Kulubah told IPNEWS that the JNB team cannot deliver Liberia from its current condition, given his surrounding of people he calls ‘criminals’. The move by Representative Kolubah came as a surprise to many of his unwavering criticism of incumbent President George Weah. The sarcastic announcement has been canalized sparking uncertainty over this loyalty of support ahead of the runoff between the CDC and Unity Party come November 14, 2023.On the heels of those uncertainties, Representative Kolubah of Montserrado County Electoral District #10 has again shocked many special folks of the Unity Party after he swiftly declined his appointment by the Unity Party Alliance as Deputy Campaign Chair. In a press release issued few hours after his nomination by the party,  Rep. Kolubah and former Senatorial candidate in the just ended Nimba county Senatorial Election, Nya Twayen would take on leadership roles in the upcoming runoff campaign.A release from the UP read: “The Standard Bearer of the Unity Party in consultations with the Vice Standard Bearer, Sen. Jeremiah Kpan Koung, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson and the National Campaign Team’s Leadership has appointed Hon. Nya D. Twayen Jr. as the Campaign Coordinator for Nimba County.” In the same vein, the UP-Standard Bearer having consulted with Sen. Abe Darius Dillon, has appointed Hon. Yekeh Kolubah as the Deputy Lead on the Montserrado Campaign Team. Hon. Kolubah, like Hon. Twayen, brings experience and leadership to the Rescue Mission and we look forward to working with him cordially.” “The both appointments take immediate effect. Congratulations and the Rescue Mission welcomes both to the team,” it concluded. Contrary to the spirit and intent, Rep. Kolubah stated that he would not accept the position due to his concerns about the opposition leadership’s lack of respect and recognition for his efforts in holding the government accountable and highlighting the opposition cause. The controversial Montserrado County Lawmaker said at a press conference in Monrovia on Sunday, October 29, that the UP decision to appoint him to the campaign team is not even genuine, but was only meant to appease him after they got information that he has decided to back off from the campaign trail for the opposition. Kolubah expressed his frustration with the decision being made without his consultation and input, feeling that it was merely a gesture to appease him after he had previously considered stepping back from the campaign trail. He emphasized the need for proper communication and respect, stating that if the Unity Party wished to appoint him, they should have discussed it with him beforehand. He also highlighted his personal investment in the campaign, having contributed US$6,000 to purchase six motorbikes for campaign activities. Additionally, Rep. Kolubah criticized the lack of empathy and recognition from opposition leaders for his commitment to opposing President Weah and his CDC party. He expressed disappointment that no opposition leader had ever visited him to acknowledge his efforts or apologize for any past incidents. Despite these frustrations, Kolubah affirmed his support for the Unity Party’s standard bearer Joseph Boakai and stated that he would still vote for him in the upcoming election. Kolubah also shared his grievances regarding the disrespect and neglect he has experienced from some members of the opposition parties, particularly regarding his criticism of the CDC. He noted that his criticism had resulted in him being denied certain benefits, but no opposition leader has shown understanding or support for his plight. He stated that he would no longer accept calls from certain opposition leaders and would focus on voting for the opposition in the upcoming election. “We have stood up for the opposition,” he said. “We have stood up for this country. All of what we have done. No opposition political leader has ever come to my house to say we are sorry for the incident for the past six years but we decided to disregard and stand up for the people and stand up for the people who have been abused by our political leaders.” “Since I have been in this situation from 2017 to today, Ambassador Boakai, my Uncle, has never come to my house to say, ‘Nephew I am sorry for the incident’, but we believe in people that was why we stood up,” Kolubah said. Lately, Rep. Kolubah has been wearing ruling party paraphernalia, including a t-shirt and a beret with the CDC emblems on them. And since he started wearing these items, some opposition leaders have started calling him. “Liberian people have been seeing me wearing CDC beret, wearing CDC hats but because I wore CDC hat on Thursday, October 26, 2023, Senator Jeremiah Koung placed a call to me. Because I wore CDC hat on Thursday, Senator Abraham Darius Dillion started to disturb my phone because I wore CDC on Thursday. I saw Stanton calls, and he knows what I told him. He put me on two-way call with Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence. I rejected his call and after that I called him and I said don’t ever put me on three-way call with anybody.” “I have reached a point today where I want to say to the Liberian people, Jeremiah Koung, don’t call my phone no more; Dillion, don’t call my phone no more. Going forward, I am not going to answer any call. I am buying my ticket and come back on November 14 and vote [for] the opposition because I am an opposition.” Despite declining the appointment, a decision he said stemmed from his concerns about the lack of consultation, respect, and recognition from the opposition leadership, he remains committed to the opposition cause and plans to vote accordingly in the upcoming election. Given his victory as the incumbent lawmaker of Montserrado County District #10, Kolubah knows he could be an asset to the Boakai presidential campaign in this critical runoff round. His decision to decline the campaign post could weaken the UP’s chances in a critical constituency like Montserrado County. As Representative Kolubah rubbles within the Unity Party, another inner circle of President Weah, Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, has also resigned from Weah’s campaign team citing President Weah’s recent unification with controversial talk show host Henry P. Costa.Last week, Talk Show host Henry Costa endorsed President George Weah re-election bid. Late Monday, social media flooded with report of Senator Snowe resignation from the Weah’s campaign team, even though this could not be independently confirmed by IPNEWS up to press time. According to closed associates of Bomi County Senator Snowe, the influential Senator cannot work with Henry Costa on the same team due to bad blood between the pairs, dating years ago. Prior to this purported resignation from the Weah’s reelection campaign team, there have been uneasiness between members of the Weah reelection campaign team following a poor show of strength for the CDC in the Western cluster to its main challenger the Unity Party. Since then, Sen. Snowe has been very vocal on the floor of the Senate towards senior government Ministers appearing before that august body. Last week, the Liberian Senate ordered Deputy Finance Minister Samora P. Z. Wolokolie to produce documents backing his claim that each of the 15 counties received US$100k as a County Development Fund (CDF). The Liberian Senate kept Mr. Kollie under oath Thursday, 26 October 2023, and ordered him to reappear today Tuesday, October 31, 2023, with documentation backing his claims. Senator Snowe could loudly be heard across the Senate floor that his county has not received a cent as reportedly disbursed by Deputy Minister Wolokolie. “I just called my Fiscal Superintendent, and he denied your information. My county has not received any county development fund,” Senator Snowe said. The Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, has also be very vocal on the government investment incentives for Fouani Brothers Corporation Investment Incentive Agreement describing the Fouani Brothers Corporation Investment Incentive Agreement as a bad deal, and urged the Executive branch of government to withdraw the agreement to save the agriculture sector and the Liberian economy. “The Executive should withdraw this agreement because it is bad for our economy, bad for local farmers and all companies who have invested millions of dollars in the palm oil sector, like Golden Veroleum, Mano Palm,” Senator Snowe stated. Senator Snowe, who himself is a palm farmer, said it is impossible to produce 13,000 metric tons of crude palm oil a month in Liberia, and that is why Fouani is smartly asking for a plant for 13,000 metric tons—because it is impossible to get that amount.


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