Bomi Citizens Reject Saytumah’s Reelection Bid By: Julius Konton


Arguably, The political race to the National Legislature appears to be even more tougher than the Nation’s top seat.

Unlike before,  the electorates are now evaluating their incumbent lawmakers and potential lawmakers on the basis of deliveries as well as tangible works done for them before making such decision in their interest for the next six and nine years respectively.

Well, it appears like the people’s political evaluation for  their nine years lense has caught one of the  incumbent lawmakers, Bomi  County Senator , Morris  Saytumah.

At a well attended political rally organized by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change in Bomi County in continuation of the CDC’s nationwide campaign tour , the aggrieved citizens of Bomi angrily boo  Senator Saytumah following a call from President George Weah for them to reelect him.

“He is a good man, I always see his signature on national documents which I send to them for approval and we need to be grateful to people who mean well for us and this Country”, President George Weah told the people of Bomi County.

But the disenchanted people of Bomi expressed their dissatisfaction through out the CDC’s political rally in the County at every venue especially when President Weah attempts to rally their support to see the need to give Senator Saytumah a second legislative mandate.

The Booing went worse in the City of Tubmanburg when Senator Morris Saytumah was call to speak on the stage as anti political slogans , total noise and real disturbance disrupted his statement for minutes.

Even though, there were interventions from Senator Edwin Snowe and other key officials in the County and Government to calm down the unhappy people of Bomi but their interventions did not materialize something that promoted President Weah’s swift intervention and following his convincing words, the citizens apologize to him for disturbing the program for few minutes  and later on give their lawmaker the chance to speak to them.

Among other things, the CDC flag bearer urged the people of Bomi to respect their elders and national leaders despite their state of disappointment.

He said if the people of Bomi feels that their lawmaker did not do well for them, they can make their decision at the ballot box but disrespect, violence and  misbehaving are all unacceptable especially in his presence .

However and contrary to the people’s dissatisfaction , he hailed Senator Saytumah for working in their interest evidence of some of the legislative decisions which they are currently benefiting from to include: the Free Tuition, WASSCE fees, electricity in Bomi and the exclusive 50% benefit from the Western Cluster agreement among others.

He believes that it will be much more easier if the people of Bomi re-elect him as President for his second term  and Senator Saytumah something he pointed out will help in the acceleration of development in the County and the Country at large .

On the other hand, Senator Saytumah very embarrassed about his people’s action towards him firstly apologize to the Liberian leader and stated their decision appears to him that he did not do well for them over the last nine years at the Liberian Senate .

” I take your action today as a challenge to work harder and to do my best next time “, he told his people.

He at the same time named the provision of scholarships for some Bomi citizens as one of his interventions during his nine years at the Senate but assured them of doing more and becoming a better Senator unlike now if re-elected.

In a cross section interview with some of the unhappy citizens of Bomi who believe that Senator Saytumah do not deserve re-election even with the intervention of President Weah said their lawmaker failed them miserably.

They vowed not to reelect Mr. Saytumah because they claim that  he do not mean well for them.

They allege that their lawmaker is not serviceable , he is not always available to them, poor leadership style and his alleged poor human relations among others,  they emphasized.

The Bomi County Senator boo and or rejection by his own people who once elected him may not be the first during these political times but maybe extended to other Counties and districts.

The Bomi people Tuesday’s decision  appears to also be sending a strong warning to incoming lawmakers to ably represent them or be shown the political red card if they fail them.

Currently, incumbent lawmakers are now fasting their political seat belts as they meet their people to preach their messages to them for a possible re-election as the race to the capitol building now appears to be gigantic mountain to climb unlike before.


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