YARD-Liberia Kicks-off Students/Youths Training By: Julius Konton


Youth Alliance Alliance for Rural Development in Liberia, YARD Liberia on  Tuesday January 23, 2024 officially commenced  the students and youth crucial technical vocational education and skills training including  knowledge sharing meeting in the Country. Held at the Firestone High School in Harbel, Margibi County, the well-attended meeting was very interactive with the exchange of ideas from the participants especially Youths and students.  Amongst other things, the meeting aimed to raise awareness among young students, particularly females and disadvantaged youths, about the availability of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in their community.  The impressive attendance saw over 95% of females youth and students making their presence felt at the meaningful outreach gathering while 5% of the participants were males respectively.  According to YARD- Liberia Program Director, Dennis Kromah , the participation of girls in such an initiative is crucial for promoting gender equality and empowering women in traditionally male-dominated society. As part of the meeting, the students were introduced to the Youth Rising Project, which is an initiative being carried out at Harbel Multilateral High School.

Providing background of the project, Mr. Kromah told the gathering that the  project, supported by the European Union in Liberia and its partners, aims to rebrand and enhance the TVET facility across Liberia, with Harbel Multilateral High School being one of the designated sites.  “This initiative will likely create better opportunities for the students to acquire technical skills and participate in vocational education in the coming months when completed”, he further informed them.  Participants at the day long activity both youths and students came from the Firestone Senior High School and Good Shepherd Evangelical High School respectively.  Amb. Dennis thrilled by  the active role played by the participants also commended them for  promoting  collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and experiences among different academic institutions. The meeting according to Mr. Kromah marked the beginning of the student and youth stakeholder engagement activities under the Youth Rising Project Phase II, which is being implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). ” These awareness activities are crucial for informing and involving the students in the project and its goals” he noted. At the same time he stressed that the the meeting appears to be a positive step towards increasing awareness and engagement of young students, particularly females and disadvantaged youths, in T VET opportunities and the Youth Rising Project within their community.

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